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Cash Drawer

/Cash Drawer
  • Features:
    • Thick gauge cold rolled steel & SEC; textured hybrid powder coat
    • Solenoid unit with 12V/24V
    • 3-position key lock: locked, manual open and electrically online
    • Color: black
    • Interface: RJ11/RJ12
  • BT-100U cash drawer adapter is designed for cash drawer connect to the computer directly. It is powered by USB port or trigger, and so no external power is required. This means although there is no receipt printer set up in the POS system, cash drawer still can be connected to the computer through the USB trigger. BT-100U cash drawer USB trigger suits any cash drawer and write any data to computer that aims to open the cash drawer without have to set your computer properly. Its compact size makes it easy to keep. The product comes with USB cable.
  • It is a POSMARKET eletrical or manual open cash register machine with 5 adjustable bill holders and 5 removable coin holders. The space saver size fits under POS systems or receipt printer and comes with a locking cash tray cover. It is secure to use this cash drawer as this cash drawer has 3 disc tumbler key locks for extra security. It will open automatically when you complete a sale. An alarm bell sounds each time the drawer is open. However, it can be de-activated if necessary. The cash drawer is now available in black colours. This is one of our best selling product because we are one of the point of sales hardware provider in Malaysia.   Features:
    • 5 adjustable bill holders and 5 removable coins holders
    • All steel construction and and Textured hybrid powder coat
    •  12V or 24V for option
    • Optional Micro-switch sensor
    • 3-position lock
    • Electrical or Manual open available

    • Product Code: POSMARKET QE-300
    • Availability: In Stock
    • Weight: 3.50 kg
    • Size (LxWxH): 36.00 cm x 30.00 cm x 8.00 cm
    • Condition: New
  • Cash drawer spare locks and key to provide for higher security. 2 keys are included for each lock.
    • Package includes: 1 spare lock & 2 keys
    • Dimension: 32*24*18MM
    • Material: Steel
    • Weight: 300g
    • NOTE: Sold ONLY to customers who have previously bought cash drawers from us.