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POS Market Barcode Printer Software/ Barcode Generator Software allows you to create and print your barcodes. You can have the Barcode Printer Software for free when you purchase our Thermal Barcode Printer.

Small-medium enterprises and large companies manage their stock inventory with barcodes to ensure all products can be tracked at all times. Thus, it is important to use reliable Barcode Printer Software to maintain smooth business operations.

POS Barcode Printer Software Features

  • Easy use barcode printer software/ barcode generator software interface
  • Able to choose multiple barcode label size settings
  • Able to save multiple barcode lists for reuse
  • Able to print multiple barcode label format
  • Auto arranges the price, item code, descriptions, currency, price, etc.
  • Able to print QR Code Free with POS Market barcode printer

POS Barcode Printer software provides an easy -to-use interface to create multiple barcode label types for all kinds of business for example Retail store, Warehouse Sales, Bookstore, Optical Store, and so on.

Our Barcode Printer Software allows you to include various info into the barcode label such as :

  • Company logo and name
  • Product Code, description
  • Manufacturing Code or Serial Number
  • Price Code, tax, and more!


Download Barcode Printer Software

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Download Software

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Free Barcode Printer Software comes with every purchase of the Barcode Printer. You can manually insert the serial number, price, and item name. Then, you can print the barcode label directly from the software.

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Thermal Barcode Printer Fits Various Barcode Labels

Thermal Barcode Printer is designed to accommodate barcode labels of different sizes up to 80mm in length. You can remove the adjustable barcode label roll holder easily to refill new rolls. Images are displayed on the right to show size relativity.

50mm x 25 mm label

pos market 50x25mm

35mm x 25mm label

pos system 35x25mm

10mm x 35mm label

pos system 10x35mm

POS Market Thermal Barcode Printers

All These Barcodes Can be Created Using POS Market Thermal Barcode Printer Software/ Barcode Generator Software

  • Code 11 C
  • Code 11 NC
  • Code 128
  • Code 25 Interleaved C
  • Code 25 Interleaved NC
  • Code 25 Standard C
  • Code 25 Standard NC
  • Code 39 C
  • Code 39 NC
  • Code 93
  • Code Ean 13
  • Code Ean 8
  • Code Pdf 417

Barcode Printer Thermal Label Samples

Below are the barcode label samples printed using our thermal barcode printer. These labels can also create by using our barcode generator software.

50mm x 25mm Label
barcode direct thermal label pos market

35mm x 25mm Label
barcode direct thermal label pos system

10mm x 35mm Label
barcode direct thermal label pos system

A4 Size Barcode 5 Digits
a4 5 digit pos system

A4 Size Barcode 12 Digits
a4 12 digit pos system

Barcode Printer Label And Paper Size Setting

For prior 300117 versions, please refer settings below or click to download settings guide HERE

For printing in barcode label 35mm x 25mm:

Page Margin
Top: 5
Left: 0
Right: 35
Maintain other Default settings.
Barcode Margin
Right: 10
Left: 10

For printing on A4 paper:

Page Margin
Top: 0
Left: 0
Right: 0
Barcode Margin
Height: 80
Font: 24

Column: you may set to print repeatedly in no. of columns (max:5)
Row: you may set to print repeatedly in no. of rows
Maintain other Default settings.

How to Install Barcode Sticker Label

Setup Up Thermal Barcode Printer

Thermal Barcode Printer Setting Instructions

Step 1:

barcode printer pos system

  1. Create A Setting Name
  2. Add Paper Size
  3. Save

Step 2:

barcode printer pos system

  1. Select Printer
  2. Select Barcode Printer
  3. Save

Step 3:

barcode printer 3 pos system

  1. Select Barcode Detail You Need
  2. Enter Font Size & Company Name
  3. Save

Step 4:

barcode printer 4 pos system

  1. Set Your Barcode Margin
  2. Set Your Paper Copy
  3. Save

Step 5:

barcode printer 5 pos system

  1. Enter Barcode, Price, Name & Quantity

Step 6:

barcode printer 6 pos system

  1. Click Preview
  2. Barcode Image will be Shown

Step 7:

barcode printer 7 pos system

  1. Enter Prefix Details & Click Generate
  2. System will Generate Barcode as Per Setting

Step 8:

barcode printer 8 pos system

  1. Click Save Button to Save Item List
  2. Enter File Name & Desire Location > Save

Step 9:

barcode printer 9 pos system

  1. To Open Saved File > Click Open
  2. Select File > Click Open

Step 10:

barcode printer 10 pos system

  1. Saved File will be Open
  2. Barcode List will be Loaded for Reprint Purpose

Step 11:

barcode printer pos system

  1. Click Clear To Empty the List
  2. You can Enter/Load New List