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Looking for a complete Car Wash POS Solution? Our BMO POS System is perfect for car wash and detailing businesses, offering integrated accounting, SST invoicing, and receipt systems. With features such as auto detailing invoices, management software, and monthly memberships, it supports scalable growth. Efficient scheduling, service reminders, and customer record tracking streamline operations, ensuring top-notch service delivery.

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Membership Module and Discount

Making your customers members of your car wash is simple with our POS System. You can easily create customer contacts and memberships. Your customers can get more benefits, special deals and enjoy promotions like birthday discounts, discounts for new members, and even get free car washes through our loyalty program. For instance, after washing their car 10 times, they get one free wash! You can set different levels of membership with corresponding discounts on car washes and other services. For example, Gold Members might get a 20% discount, while Silver Members get 10% off.

Even if there are no discounts, you can let your customers earn points every time they get a car wash. They can save up these points and use them to get discounts or free gifts later on.

Inventory System Management

Our Car Wash POS System keeps an eye on inventory to make sure we always have what we need. It tells us when supplies are running low so we can restock on time. It also reminds us when products are about to expire, so we can either use them or get more. When new stock comes in, it’s easy to add it to the system and update our inventory automatically.

Plus, we can save the contact info of our suppliers, which helps us reorder quickly when we’re running low. Overall, our Car Wash POS System makes it easy to get supplies from our favorite vendors.



Attendance Clock In & Out System

The BMO POS System, integrated with an eLeave Attendance System, functions as a standalone login terminal enabling staff login via staff username and password, QR code, or fingerprint.
For instance:

  • Owen logs in using his staff username and password to scan in, and he can scan out using either QR code or fingerprint.
  • James scans in via QR code and can scan out using his fingerprint.
  • Hannah uses her fingerprint to scan in and can scan out using a QR code.

Car Wash Promotion Packages

This feature enables you to provide package deals to customers, attracting more individuals to your car wash. Instead of relying on physical cards, all transactions are seamlessly managed within the Car Wash POS System, promoting cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability.

For instance, if David purchases a discounted package of 10 car washes from Car Wash Shop A, he can utilize them incrementally. With each visit, our Car Wash POS System deducts one car wash from his account, ensuring accurate tracking of his remaining washes and minimizing errors.



QR Code Function for Membership Point

You can easily generate and print the QR Code directly from the Car Wash POS System’s Cloud. Customers can then conveniently scan this QR Code with their phone to check their accumulated points, enhancing their experience. Moreover, for added certainty regarding a customer’s points, you can utilize the Car Wash POS System’s integrated BMO cloud system to verify the information.

Alert Function

One of the standout features of our Car Wash POS System is its alert function. For instance, it sends timely reminders when inventory levels are running low, prompting us to restock essential items such as washing solution, polishing solution, and tire wax. In addition to inventory alerts, the system’s alert function also notifies us about various other crucial aspects:

  • Notifies of membership renewals for prompt outreach.
  • Alerts on unauthorized cash drawer access for enhanced security.
  • Enables messaging to customers for appointments and promotions via iSMS.
  • Provides reminders for shift conclusion and essential tasks, ensuring operational efficiency.




Some customers prefer scheduling appointments to ensure optimal timing, minimizing wait times and potential complaints. With the Car Wash POS System, you can efficiently manage appointments directly within the integrated calendar feature. Simply select the customer’s contact, designate a convenient time and date, and the appointment is set.

This streamlined process allows you to effortlessly view all scheduled appointments for the day or week, enhancing organization and customer satisfaction.

Multiple Branch and Online Cloud

If you operate multiple car wash locations and require more than one POS Terminal per site, you’ll need to opt for either the client-server setup or the cloud-based setup. Regardless of your choice, the features remain consistent. By subscribing to our cloud service for the Car Wash POS System, managing your operations across various branches becomes easy, as long as you have an internet connection. Sales reports and other data are synchronized into the cloud, allowing easy access from any branch.

Moreover, by integrating AlienVOIP, you can make complimentary calls to all branches. For further details on this service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


e-wallet integration pos system

Dual-Screen and E-Wallet

With the POS system, your car wash business becomes more flexible in accepting various payment methods. Customers can pay with cash, credit cards, debit cards, and E-Wallets! Our POS System is connected to many E-Wallet services, offering customers more payment options. Supported E-Wallets include TnG, Boost, Maybank QR Pay, GrabPay, WeChat Pay, MCash, and UnionPay. There are 2 methods for E-Wallet:

Merchant Scan
The process requires a QR Code Reader:

  • Customer scan during payment
  • In the POS system, select E-Wallet Merchant Scan (e.g: Boost E-Wallet)
  • The customer opens the QR code display on the phone
  • The customer scans at the QR Code reader
  • Successful payment
  • Generates receipt

Merchant Scan
The process requires a QR Code Reader:

  • Customer scan during payment
  • In the POS system, select E-Wallet Merchant Scan (e.g: Boost E-Wallet)
  • The customer opens the QR code display on the phone
  • The customer scans at the QR Code reader
  • Successful payment
  • Generates receipt

Cash Drawer Management

We refer to it as Mid-Shift Change Drawer Change in our Car Wash POS System, indicating the practice of exchanging cash drawers at the end of each shift in your car wash location. For instance, if the shift runs from 9 am to 2 pm, you transition from a cash drawer containing funds to an empty or lower-cash drawer for the upcoming shift.

Implementing cash drawer changes at shift ends aids in cash balancing and minimizes the risk of holding excessive cash in the drawer, enhancing security measures. It’s advisable to print out sales reports and petty cash reports at the end of each shift using our Car Wash POS System. This facilitates easier reconciliation of sales and funds, simplifying business accounting processes.

cash drawer

sms marketing pos system

iSMS Marketing

By simply registering with an iSMS account, you can now send text messages to your customers directly through our Car Wash POS System. You can send SMS reminders for car wash appointments, extend festive greetings, or communicate ongoing promotions. To utilize this feature, you’ll need to purchase credits to top up your iSMS account within the POS System.

Benefits of iSMS for car wash businesses include:

  • Reminding customers when their car wash is completed and ready for pickup.
  • Sending out seasonal promotions or highlighting discounted services.
  • Sending personalized festive or birthday wishes to maintain strong customer relationships.
  • Reminding members about special membership days to encourage their visits to your car wash.

The report in CSV or PDF Format

In the car wash industry, access to POS Reports is essential for success. These reports, derived from daily operations in the Car Wash POS System, help you manage and improve your business effectively. You can export them in CSV or PDF format. We offer customized reports tailored to your needs. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll deliver the insights you need for your car wash business.