Prepaid Solution

With the BMO POS system, you can attach member card information to a specific customer through an online or offline POS terminal. BMO POS Software with Membership system allows:

  • Customer to top up the credit value
  • Payment with a prepaid credit
  • Check membership card history

Simple configuration steps:

  1. Set up a magnetic card reader to your BMO POS System. You can purchase from us
  2. Configure the value read by the card reader to the system. You can define more split, header to skip, etc in the setting. Besides that, we also provide the service to encode the value to the member card.
  3. If you have multiple branches, you are recommended to add card number information to Mem. Ref No to avoid duplicated card number. Don’t forget to synchronize your database.
  4. You can always swipe a prepaid card to find the corresponding customer to make a payment or reload a prepaid card directly to the cardholder.
  5. Check the customer’s remaining credit and prepaid credit history in your BMO POS terminal.

setting pos system

Setup for Membership Card

Spliter: Beginning character(s) to skip when a string is scanned.
Footer to skip: Ending character(s) to skip when a string is scanned.
*Result (Membership No) will only display the character between the spliter and footer to skip.

after paid pos system

before paid pos system

For New Membership

You can select the customer by swiping the member card who has registered with your store and click on the item to purchase to top up customer prepaid credit. After making payment, your customers will notice that your balance has increased.

after use credit pos system

prepaid paid pos system

Prepaid Card as A Payment Type

Select the item that your customer wants to purchase and choose the contact by swiping the member card. Click on Other and enter value to pay using the prepaid credit.
The amount to pay using prepaid credit will be added to the order with a negative value.

item pos system

To Reload Credit

You can select your existing customer from the contact list and click on the item with Reload Credit value property to add credit to the prepaid card. After you make a payment, the system will automatically add the value to your card.


history pos system

Check History

You can select one of your customers from your BMO POS Terminal contact list.
Then, just click on the Prepaid Credit History to show the credit history of your customer. You will be able to know when the card is used and when your customer tops up the prepaid card.