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Canteen BMO POS System is fast and efficient to cater to your constant stream of consumers. Canteen caterers need to compute and collect payment using cash or prepaid card from their customers while having the right product on the receipt to the customers is crucial.

Canteen BMO POS System Features

Contact Prepaid Credit History

Periodically Allowance Setting

Bulk Entry / Reset

Employee Subsidy

RFID Card Payment Method

Sales Report

Canteen BMO POS System

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Canteen POS System: Streamline Your Operations with Efficiency

Ease of use:

The BMO POS system is a user-friendly and easy to use canteen POS system. It is easily hands on by the canteen staff. It provides Intuitive interfaces, simple navigation, and clear instructions for the staff to master it in no time.

Fast and efficient transactions:

Speed is essential in a canteen environment where there may be a high volume of customers during peak hours. The BMO POS system can facilitate quick transactions, minimize processing time, and support fast payment methods such as contactless payments, mobile wallets, or employee subsidy.

Menu and inventory management:

The BMO POS system allows for easy management of the canteen’s menu and inventory. It can provide options to update menu items, prices, and availability in real-time, as well as track inventory levels to ensure efficient stock management.

Employee subsidy (meal allowance):

The BMO POS system supports a variety of payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and employee meal cards or employee subsidy.

Reporting and analytics:

The BMO POS system offers robust reporting capabilities, providing insights into sales data, popular items, customer preferences, and other relevant metrics. Detailed reports help with making informed business decisions and optimizing the canteen’s operations.

Customization and scalability:

The BMO POS system is flexible and scalable to meet the specific needs of the canteen. It allows for customization of menus, pricing, and layouts. Additionally, it is capable of handling future growth and expansions of the canteen. I can be linked through local area network and span to many counters.

Technical support and updates:

A reliable support system from the BMO POS system is crucial for prompt issue resolution and system maintenance. Regular updates and enhancements to the software ensure the system remains up to date and continues to meet the canteen’s evolving needs.

Employee Subsidy

This Canteen Management System can help to keep track of daily activities carried out in a canteen and finally can calculate the monthly consumption of subsided from the company for each employee or do the payment for stallholders.

Usually, the canteen management system and software take orders after verifying the employee records or a swipe of special lunch cards issued to the employees. Hence, any employee cannot offer duplicate orders and the cooking staff cannot also make any changes without authorization. No other person cannot take advantage and misuse the facilities. Since the POS software efficiently manages all the data, it helps the authorities to gain maximum profit in the minimum budget. Canteen BMO POS system can also prevent the misuse of your investment.

With the prepaid canteen feature or employee subsidy, this provides an employee benefit to your staff worker. Your staff will be glad that they are being offered such benefits in subsidizing their meals. For example, POSMarket Canteen System can be used for company cafeterias where the company provides Employee Subsidy or Corporate Food Subsidies / Subsidized Meals / Canteen Plans to their employees. The POSMarket Canteen System can be configured to automatic top-up credit for Employee Meal Cards/Account on a monthly basis or any duration your company requires.

So for example, a company can have a daily meal subsidy of RM3 per day or RM20 per week, or RM80 per month, depending on the company’s policy. All these can be set in the POSMarket Canteen System, where it would be easier for you to enter all the staff’s information and their eligible amount subsidized by the company.

employee subsidy

system interact with card reader

System Interact with Card Reader

Reduce your company cost cause of needed extra manpower to handle the manual job. The system can interact with a card reader (which can be a badge card for employees) and employees will be assigned a card as a credit. Also, the stall holder will be provided with a touch screen from where they can select a menu, the system will automatically deduct credit from the balance inside the card and also can work with BMO point of sale (POS) system.

Corporate clients are increasingly turning to cashless catering where food is provided on-site. This provides convenience for employees and eliminates the handling of cash by the canteen staff. Staff meal benefits and subsidies, and meal counts can be easily managed by this pos system. Depending on the organization’s needs, the method of the transaction can be set up to either meal subsidies. The system is also able to handle a smart card payment system for school canteens if needed. This system is designed to replace the traditional meal voucher system and helps to eliminate fraud. This system also helps to reduce the workload and payment downtime of the traditional voucher system, as Human Resources can acquire sales reports instantly thus improving relations with the tenant.

Items that are provided by the Canteen caterers are carefully layout on one screen on the touch screen monitor, so the selection will be fast and accurate. With the RFID card reader, the consumer can scan their card and the POS system will have his name and prepaid balance to pay for the purchase and a receipt will be printed out. Hence, if the total amount is more than the subsidized amount, the employee is able to pay the outstanding amount in cash. It is easier to use an RFID card reader to scan instead of a key in the employee’s number and reduces the number of human errors.

Sales Report

Using the Sales report by Customer canteen caterer will know their daily sales and also report back to the client. Hence, by using the POS System, the canteen caterer can generate the reports that they need. Such as Z-Report, daily sales report, etc.

By installing the BizCloud App on the smartphone, the canteen caterer can view the report using the App.

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