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Insurance is a very specialized product that relies on close customer interactions. Contact List Manager CRM is an excellent method for increasing understanding of potential and existing customers and thereby enabling agents to provide unique services according to their situation. Contact Management Software includes advanced features that enable users to manage profitable customers, leads, and opportunities efficiently.

The dedicated modules in Contact List Manager CRM software can help insurance companies to track customer source, manage sales life cycle, annual membership, monthly billing, and other related business activities. Supporting personalized and efficient customer service and sales, Contact Management Software allows insurance companies to support customers, extending their journey with the company instead of simply providing services at the moment.

contact manager software

Contact Management Software Features:

  • Offline CRM Software
  • One-Time Payment RM1400
  • Software Support
  • IC Card Reader Support
  • Record Customers Information Including Alternate Addresses, Educations, etc.
  • Support Stand Alone Or Client And Server Architecture
Contact List Manager

RM 1400
One Time Payment Only


The BMO POS system is suitable for any type of insurance business. You can easily record, check, track, and review client policies at any time. Through the POS system, you can directly SMS or email clients.

New! Send SMS to notify your clients directly from POS Terminal
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If you have any specific requirements for BMO POS System Setup for Insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us. We are not only marketing the POS software but the developers of the POS software and hardware which we continue to enhance every day.

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If your outlet needs more than one POS terminal, you will need to use the client and server setup or the cloud-based setup. Other than that all the features are the same.


insurance pos customer service case and task

Case and Task Management

Some of the clients may purchase multiple insurance policies. It might create confusion when it comes to insurance claims.

BMO POS System offers unique features that assist in solving this problem by creating service history by creating multiple cases and tasks. For example, you can create a Medical Claim case and assign a Heart attack claim task under that particular case.

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Send SMS or Email

Send SMS and Email to all your clients directly from the POS terminal. SMS acts as a great tool to deliver information, educate clients, notify payment, and so on. Please note that SMS charges may apply, find out more at iSMS Malaysia.

pos system insurance product and services

Insurance policy record

With BMO POS System, you can record insurance policies purchased by customers. Other than that, you can track purchase history, payment plans, and also send SMS reminders.

pos system insurance pos customer record

Customer Record

Client’s details such as names, contact numbers, addresses, and insurance policies are stored in the POS System. It allows you to have access to the real-time report, service history, and customer details with a server-based POS System.