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Manage your daily operations systematically through our retail store and F&B POS systems. Our POS System will generate reports for the mall management to automatically upload to the mall’s ERP system server.

POS System Mall ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management system designed not only for shopping malls but also for:

  • Retail stores
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets

Mall Enterprise Resource Planning allows businesses to setup and to manage their daily operations systematically. All necessary reports will be uploaded via FTP daily. Enterprise Resource Planning System can contribute to your mall businesses in various managing aspects.

POS Market Mall ERP System Setup Layout

mall erp layout pos system

Example of Malls using
Posmarket Mall ERP System

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Retail POS Solution

retail bundle mall pos system

From RM 1999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

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Mall ERP Compatible Features

report setting pos system

Report Settings Example 1

You can set the sales report title and content format requested by the management. The file will be generated in .txt format. The outcome can be seen at NU Sentral Hourly Report Format 1 above.

report setting pos system

Report Settings Example 2

This is a second example just to give you a clearer explanation on where the input may be displayed. The outcome can also be seen at Far East Organization Report Format 2 above.

ftp settings pos system

FTP Settings

You must configure your POS machine with the FTP server details provided by the Mall Management. Set the time to upload “today’s/yesterday’s” sales report to server everyday. Then select which type of report you would like to generate – NU Sentral Hourly Report or Far East Organization.

mall server pos system

FTP Server

Make sure you connect to the LAN point in the shop unit. Try to ping to the FTP server and make sure you are able to connect to the FTP server successfully.

Note: Make sure the BMO Client is opened in order to upload the sales report to the mall server.