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Cash Drawer USB Trigger BT-100U

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Cash Drawer USB Trigger BT-100U


BT-100U cash drawer adapter is designed for a cash drawer to connect to the computer directly. It is powered by a USB port or trigger, and so no external power is required. This means although there is no receipt printer set up in the POS system, the cash drawer still can be connected to the computer through the USB trigger. BT-100U cash drawer USB trigger suits any cash drawer and writes any data to a computer that aims to open the cash drawer without having to set your computer properly. Its compact size makes it easy to keep. The product comes with a USB cable.

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​BT-100U cash drawer trigger is designed to provide USB interfacing to the cash drawer. This allows the cash drawer, which is previously connected to the POS printer or cash register, to be directly connected to a USB port of the computer. This means through the USB Trigger the cash drawer can be directly connected to the computer when this no printer used in the POS system. The BT-100U USB trigger module uses a virtual serial port driver, making it appear to software like a standard RS232 serial port. This way existing POS software can communicate with the USB cash drawer trigger as though connected to a serial port. A unique serial number is assigned to each USB trigger module and driver software will assign the next available serial port to each device it recognizes(multiple triggers can be used on one computer).


  • Cash drawer can be directly connected to the computer with BT-100U;
  • Powered by USB bus, external power is not required;
  • Allows for “Hot Plugging”, plug and play connectivity;
  • No need to set the COM property;
  • Suitable to any cash drawer command. Write any data to COM port will open the cash drawer.


  • Warranty Period : 3 Months
  • **All power cord and adapter come with 1 Month warranty from installation date.
  • **Warranty does not cover wear and tear, damages arisen from misuse or use not in accordance with product instructions.