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Online Membership System & Offline Membership System

/Online Membership System & Offline Membership System
Online Membership System & Offline Membership System 2019-07-16T06:57:34+00:00

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Benefits of our Membership Management System

Discounts for Membership

IC Card Reader

Info Sharing for Multiple Branches

Loyalty Program

Prepaid Member Credits for Later Use

Member Points Accumulation

Member Profiles

Membership Card

Membership Expiry Date

Membership Fees

Purchase History


Call POSMarket today to find out more about our Membership system

To create awareness, improve loyalty and increase sales, you can benefit from our comprehensive membership functions. The membership function is designed into the POS system and it is available to multiple branches through BizCloud Cloud implementation.

You can have your membership system offline. However, there are certain circumstances where you have to go online.
For instance:

  1. You have a multiple branches that sharing the same contacts base.
  2. You want a uniform and unique membership number across all branches.

Online Membership System can help you solve the problem by sharing the member number online (online POS System). And you can do modifications via online.

Cost effective

The membership management system is a cost effective marketing tool for your outlets and businesses. Let’s assume you already have our POS Market POS system ready, all you need to do now is to create a membership number for your customer. We provide various forms of support as well as accessories for you to scale and properly leverage the membership system to your benefit.