Laundry POS System

The Laundry POS System is designed to enhance the management of laundry shops and help implement systems that smooth the process.

With the on-premise laundry POS solutions that include the washing delivery schedule system, hotel laundry clothes bar code system as well as features like liquid detergent vendor listings, it becomes easy to monitor out-going costs in running the business.

The convenient weighing machine connection with barcode recognition makes for a more trustworthy system for clients.

From RM 3438
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

The easy to use receipt bar code scan for laundry retrieval as well as the multi-copy receipt at one print, makes the process on the floor work smoothly with no delays in manually needing to search for ready laundry. This reduces complicated and unnecessary manpower time, plus slows down service time and cutting the queue at the cashier counter.

Based on the accounting system in Malaysia, the module is equipped with laundry accounts with SST.

If your outlet needs more than one POS terminal, you will need to use the client and server setup or the cloud-based setup. Other than that all the features are the same.

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New! SMS Notification to your customer directly via POS Terminal.
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Sales Documentation System

Sales Documentation System(screenshot preview)

The POS Market for Laundry has extensive sales documentation and invoicing system that aligns with the needs of laundry shops, dry cleaning businesses, and even coin based laundry mats. The easy to customize and simplified invoicing system helps you operate your Laundry business more efficiently than you ever have before.

  • Simplified Tax Invoice – for retailers who generate vast amounts of invoices every day to the end customers like supermarkets, restaurants, petrol kiosks and other POS outlets
  • The Simplified Tax Invoice can only be used to claim input tax at the maximum of RM30.00
  • Full Tax Invoice – detailed with both recipients name & address
  • It can be used for claims more than RM30.00
  • It can act as the primary evidence to support Input Tax Credit claim

  • Full end of day settlement report that can be emailed to the head office, accounts department among others

  • Easy calculations for No Show / Late Handling as well as Closed & Open bill views

  • Easy to use system for Non-IT person to generate bill without any help or support
  • Prints directly to thermal receipt printers for 80mm receipts or normal desktop printers for A4 formats
  • Receipts and every sales documentation can be customized with Thank You messages
  • All sales documents can be customized with branding features

Scheduled Delivery Management

Scheduled Delivery Management(screenshot preview)

The efficient POS Market for Laundry system will enable you to keep track of the due deliveries that need to go out to customers that purchase your service in bulk and already have a standing order placed.

  • Alert for scheduled deliveries due out
  • Maximizes time and logistics planning
  • Easy to segment delivery dates by days, weeks and months
  • Easy barcoding system implementation
  • Easy to compensate with a voucher for any late deliveries
  • Easy to manage delivery staff and vehicle plus travel routes for the day, week & month

Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts(screenshot preview)

The Client Database helps you keep track of your return customers and reward them with vouchers, discounts, and other further customized services.

  • Client History – easy to check client history, usual treatment, and improvement
  • Client Preferences – easy to check on client-specific needs and suggest further offers/ service

  • Loyalty Points – easy to reward clients with discounts, vouchers, coupons and loyalty points
  • Client Lookup – systematically stored client database by the first name, last name, mobile number, occupation, address, category and more
  • Easy follow up on backdated payments
  • Easy processing for long term retainer accounts
  • Easy to manage business accounts for more B2B laundry and/or dry cleaning services


Reports(screenshot preview)

The system lets you maximize your business time and easily generate necessary reports for accounts & P&L reviews.

  • Easy to project and forecast future business trends with the fast generation of P&L Reports
  • Convenient accounting reports per client, to facilitate with client accounting
  • Reports also help with notifying and identifying backdated payments and loyal customer spends besides managing the cash flow successfully
  • Easy to manage expensive suppliers to make the best decisions on items used for the business

Integrated Email & SMS Marketing

Integrated Email & SMS Marketing(screenshot preview)

The convenient partnership with features like iSMS and Vocotext allows you a great B2C or B2B channel with your clients.

  • Ready Service Alerts – send convenient reminders to clients to come pick up their ready laundry or dry cleaning orders
  • Delivery Service Alerts – easily send reminders to inform clients of upcoming deliveries, to ensure smooth receiving of items
  • Account Statements – Send your clients their monthly account statements via email to help with easy to review B2C & B2B service, plus help them see when bills are due to avoid late payment charges and to encourage a healthy accounting history between both parties


Employee(screenshot preview)

Manage your staff easily and maximize your human capital investments to produce greater returns.

  • Availability check – pair up the right employee’s with the right tasks. Easily schedule delivery staff for dates that require their service
  • Easy shift management – to ensure a smooth run of service, schedule staff with the right availability and ability
  • Employee commissions – set up an efficient employee commissions system to motivate and duly reward well-performing employees
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