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Fresh Market Basic POS System

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monitorrecon cpucash drawerwired barcode scanner80mm Thermal Receipt Printerweight machineKeyboard and Mousethermal paper 10 rolls

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When it comes to a fresh market point-of-sale (POS) system, people often look for specific features that cater to the unique needs of their business. Here are some essential features that BMO POS system offers:

Inventory management:

Effective inventory management is crucial for fresh markets. BMO POS system tracks inventory levels in real-time, alerts them when items are running low, and provides insights into popular products. BMO POS system support barcode scanning and have the ability to handle perishable items with expiration date tracking.

Sales and checkout capabilities:

A streamlined and efficient checkout process is essential. BMO POS system allows for quick and accurate sales transactions, supports multiple payment methods (cash, credit cards, mobile payments), and can generate digital or printed receipts.

Pricing and promotions:

Fresh markets often have dynamic pricing and promotional offers. A POS system should enable owners to easily set and update prices, apply discounts, create loyalty programs, and manage special promotions like bundle deals or seasonal discounts.

Vendor and supplier management:

Managing relationships with vendors and suppliers is important for fresh markets. BMO POS system has a comprehensive invoicing module with features like purchase order management, stock level alert, and is capable of generating quotation, purchase order etc.

Reporting and analytics:

Detailed reporting and analytics provide owners with valuable insights into their business performance. BMO POS system generates reports on sales, inventory, profit margins, and customer behavior. BMO POS system comes with accounting features for generating multiple accounting documents.

Customer management:

To assist owners to build strong relationships with their customers. BMO POS system support customer details, membership loyalty programs, and the ability to capture customer data for personalized marketing campaigns.


The scalability of the BMO POS system allows fresh market owners to expand their business seamlessly, whether they are adding multiple POS stations within a single outlet or opening new outlets in different locations. This scalability is accompanied by the ability to share membership information across these outlets effortlessly.

User-friendly interface:

BMO POS system is intuitive and easy to use for both owners and employees. It has a clear and visually appealing interface, supports touchscreen interactions, and offers training and support resources for smooth onboarding.

Weight scale Integration with POS system:

Seamless integration between the weight scale and the point-of-sale (POS) system is important for a smooth checkout process. The scale is compatible with the BMO POS system, allowing for automatic transfer of weight and barcode data to generate accurate sales transactions.

Please look for our barcode printing scale or just simple digital weight scale. Both are certified by SIRM and calibrated.

Why is this system the best solution for meat, fruits and vegetables retail stores?

  • They are sold based on the amount of weight instead of quantity
  • Increase accuracy, efficiency and customer experience
  • Calculate the amount of change automatically thus saving time
  • Customizable barcode label layout to suit your retail store
  • Provide correct pricing according to different items and weights
  • Keep track of the number of items in your inventor
  • Easy to use with its user-friendly interface
  • All-in-one set with necessary software ready to use at anytime
  • Save space with its compact size and built-in Barcode label printer

Aclas PS1C Series Electronic Weight Scale

  • High anti-interference. The radiation intensity to radio frequency electromagnetic fields up to 10v/m.
  • Auto-power saving design, will enter into the stand-by status automatically without any operation (user-defined 4~200 seconds at will, 200 seconds won’t enter into auto-power saving status) only consuming 21μA., able to be awake by any loading or operation due to the inner shaking mechanism.
  • Support backlight shift function by pressing the backlight key for 1.5 seconds, able to save electric power by turning off backlight in bright area and extend service life of dry battery.
  • CHG function, assist users to change notes accuracy.
  • Support price-lock function, suitable to sell weighing commodity of same price.
  • Two optional ranges: 15kg (e=2g/5g) or 30kg (e=5g/10g).



TM-AA-5D Barcode Printing Weighing Scale



  • Able to store a maximum of 16 label formats
  • Internal 4000PLU to set 31-71 fast button
  • Each PLU can quote different label format
  • Includes label printing and paper printing
  • Able to print inventory and report forms
  • Functions can be set from PC or on scale
  • Weight: 5 digits, Unit price: 5 digits, total prices: 7 digits


  • Printing width: 30mm – 60mm
  • Printing speed: 75mm/s
  • Rated Load: 30kg
  • Accuracy: 5g/10g
  • Power Supply: 110/220V
  • Display Type: LED
  • Function: Label Printing
  • Optional RS232 or 485 interfaces, TCP/IP Interface


How does it work?

choose item

weigh item

key item code

label information

stick label

scan label

pos client monitor

pay item

Step 1: Buyer chooses the amount of item and put it into a plastic bag
Step 2: Place the bagged item on to the TM-AA-5D Barcode Printing Scale
Step 3: Key in item code by selecting on the PLU button on the machine
Step 4: Name of food, code, weight, and the price will be printed on the label
Step 5: Stick the barcode label on the bagged item
Step 6: Scan barcode label with barcode scanner onto Point of Sale Client
Step 7: The monitor will show the details and the POS Client will record the data
Step 8: Buyer pays for their item based on weight

Barcode Weighing Scale Software for Labeling

When you purchase TM-AA-5D Barcode Printing Scale, a software will be provided for you to set and customize the Barcode printing scale (items with PLU No.) and your preferred barcode label layout.

pos system merchandise setting
Item Setting

pos system label setting
Label Setting 01

pos system label company
Label Setting 02

pos system label setting
Label Setting 03

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Example of Printed Barcode Label

pos system barcode label example

Point of Sales Client Software for Cashier

POS Market’s Point of Sale Client is specially programmed to make checking out items easier and more convenient. To integrate with TM-AA-5D Barcode Printing Scale, the item settings in POS Client must be the same as the settings in the Barcode Weighing Scale Software, such as Product Name, Product Code, Price, Category, Barcode MFG Number, Expiry Date, etc.

pos system client exampleSync POS Client

pos system inventory list
Inventory List

pos system set barcode
Set Barcode

pos system barcode setup
Barcode Setup 1

pos system barcode setup
Barcode Setup 2

pos system barcode string
Test String

pos system add new item
Add New Item

pos system item info
Item Info

pos system item category
Item Category

pos system category item
Item in Category

pos system item quantity
Obtain Item Weight

pos system item quantity
Obtain Item Weight 2

POS System Customer Setups


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our BMO POS for Fresh Market or the Barcode Weighing Scale, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide 7 days of support for your convenience.

Penyelesaian terbaik untuk kedai daging, kedai buah-buahan dan kedai sayur-sayuran anda

Adakah anda ingin mengira harga barang anda mengikut berat dengan lebih tepat? Penyelesaian utama POS Market adalah menyediakan anda dengan Skala Percetakan Kod Bar yang paling berkesan untuk harga yang tepat berdasarkan berat dan Perisian BMO POS Sistem yang terkini untuk bil dan data rekod.

Dengan itu ia dapat menjimatkan masa anda untuk membuat bil dengan lebih cepat, meningkatkan kecekapan kerja dan meningkatkan pengalaman semasa menghadapi lebih ramai pelanggan ketika jualan berlansung.

Sesuai untuk kedai runcit yang membenarkan pelanggan membeli barang yang dikenakan caj mengikut berat. Sebagai contoh, kedai ikan dan daging, kedai buah-buahan, kedai sayur-sayuran, kedai gula-gula dan sebagainya.

Mengapakah sistem ini merupakan penyelesaian yang terbaik untuk kedai runcit daging, kedai runcit buah-buahan dan kedai sayur-sayuran?

  • Barang dijual mengikut berat tetapi bukan mengikut kuantiti
  • Penghargaan yang betul mengikut barang dan berat yang berbeza
  • Meningkatkan ketepatan, kecekapan dan tahap pengalaman pelanggan
  • Menjejaki bilangan barang dalam inventori anda
  • Automatik mengira duit baki – menjimatkan masa
  • Mudah digunakan dengan antara muka yang mesra pengguna
  • Susun atur label kod bar yang boleh diubah mengikut keperluan untuk disesuaikan dengan kedai runcit anda
  • Semua-dalam-satu set dengan perisian yang sedia ada untuk digunakan pada bila-bila masa
  • Menjimatkan ruang dengan size yang kompak dan pencetak label kod bar yang terbina dalam

TM-AA-5D Skala Percetakan Kod Bar

pos system weight machine


  • Boleh menyimpan maksimum 16 format label
  • 4000 PLU dalaman untuk menetapkan 31-71 butang cepat
  • Setiap PLU boleh menyebut format label yang berbeza
  • Termasuk percetakan label dan percetakan kertas
  • Boleh mencetak laporan inventori dan borang-borang
  • Fungsi boleh ditetapkan dari PC atau skala
  • Berat: 5 digit Harga unit: 5 digit Jumlah harga: 7 digit


  • Lebar percetakan: 30mm – 60mm
  • Kelajuan percetakan: 75mm/s
  • Beban diberi nilai: 30KG
  • Ketepatan : 5g/ 10g
  • Kuasa bekalan: 110/ 220V
  • Jenis paparan: LED
  • Fungsi: percetakan
  • Jenama: Dahua
  • Pilihan RS232 atau antara muka 485, antara muka TCP/IP
Beli Skala Percetakan Kod Bar Sini »

Bagaimana TM-AA-5D Skala Percetakan Kod Bar berfungsi?

choose item

weigh item

key item code

label information

stick labe

scan label

pos client monitor

pay item

Langkah 1: Pelanggan memilih jumlah barang dan memasukkan barang tersebut ke dalam beg plastik
Langkah 2: Letakkan barang yang telah dimasukkan ke dalam beg plastik di atas TM-AA-5D Skala Percetakan Kod Bar
Langkah 3: Masukkan kod barang dengan memilih butang PLU pada mesin
Langkah 4: Nama barang, kod, berat barang dan harga akan dicetak pada label
Langkah 5: Lekatkan label kod bar pada beg plastik yang diisi dengan barang tersebut
Langkah 6: Imbas label kod bar ke POS client dengan pengimbas kod bar
Langkah 7: Data akan dipaparkan dan direkodkan
Langkah 8: Pelanggan buat bayaran mengikut berat barang

Perisian Skala Timbang Kod bar untuk pelabelan

Apabila anda membeli TM-AA-5D Skala Percetakan Kod Bar, perisian akan disediakan untuk anda bagi menetapkan dan menyesuaikan Skala percetakan Kod Bar (barang dengan PLU No.) dan susun atur label kod bar mengikut pilihan anda.

pos system merchandise setting
Penetapan Barang

pos system label setting
Penetapan Label 01

pos system label company
Penetapan Label 02

pos system label setting
Penetapan Label 03

Contoh Label Kod Bar yang dicetak

pos system barcode label example

Perisian Point of Sales Client untuk Juruwang

Point of Sale Cliet POS Market diprogramkan khas untuk membuat pemeriksaan barang dengan lebih mudah. Untuk mengintegrasikan dengan TM-AA-5D Skala Percetakan Kod Bar, tetapan barang dalam POS client mestilah sama seperti tetapan dalam Perisian Skala Timbang Kod Bar. Sebagai contoh, Nama Barang, Kod Barang, Harga, Kategori, Nombor MFG kod bar, tarikh luput dan lain-lain.

POS system Client Examples
Penyelarasan POS Client

pos system client
Senarai inventori

pos system
Persediaan Barang

pos system
Persediaan Kod Bar 1

pos system
Persediaan Kod Bar 2

pos system
Percubaan String

pos system
Tambah Barang Baru

pos system
Informasi Barang

pos system
Kategori Barang

pos system
Barang Dalam Kategori

pos system item quantity
Peroleh berat barang

Peroleh berat barang 2


Sila hubungi kami di sini atau melalui talian tol bebas kami 1800 87 7061 sekiranya anda:

  • berminat untuk membeli skala timbang kod bar kami
  • ingin mengintegrasikan BMO POS kami ke dalam sistem anda
  • menghadapi masalah dalam persediaan skala timbang kod bar
  • mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan atau memerlukan maklumat yang lebih lanjut


您是否想更精确地按照重量计算出价格?POS Market的最佳解决方案可为您提供最有效的条码打印秤,它的最新POS 系统BMO软件可以依照重量来进行计费和数据记录。因此这将节省您的时间,提高工作效率, 增强客户体验,以及增加更多的客户。


  • 它们是基于重量,而不是数量出售
  • 根据不同的项目和重量提高正确定价
  • 提高精度,效率和客户体验
  • 跟踪库存项目的数量
  • 自动计算金额会节省更多的时间
  • 容易使用或操作
  • 可定制条形码标签的设计来合适您的零售商店
  • 硬件和软件可随时使用
  • 内置条码标签打印机节省空间


pos system weight machine


  • 能够存储最多16个标签格式
  • 内部 4000PLU 设置31-71快捷键
  • 每个PLU可以引用不同的标签格式
  • 包括标签印刷和印刷纸
  • 能够打印清单和报表
  • 功能可以从荧幕或规模上设置
  • 重量:5 位数,单价: 5 位数, 总价:7位数


  • 打印宽度:30毫米- 60毫米
  • 打印速度:75毫米/秒
  • 额定载荷:30公斤
  • 精度:5克/10克
  • 电源:110/220V
  • 显示器类型:LED
  • 功能:打印
  • 品牌:大华
  • 可选RS232或485接口,TCP/IP接口


choose item

weigh item

key item code

label information

stick label

scan label

pos client monitor

pay item

步骤 1: 消费者把已选的产品放进塑料袋里
步骤 2: 把袋装物品放在TM-AA-5D条码打印秤上
步骤 3: 使用PLU按钮输入项目代码
步骤 4: 产品名称,代码, 重量和价格将被印在标签上
步骤 5: 把标签随贴在袋装物品
步骤 6: 条码扫描器将扫描标签上的条码,把记录转送到显示器荧幕
步骤 7: 显示器会显示金额并记录数据
步骤 8: 消费者将依照价格支付


当您购买 TM-AA-5D 条码打印秤时,软件将会一起提供给您设置。您可以自定义条码打印秤(PLU带号项目)和你的首选条码标签设计。

pos system Barcode Weighing Scale Setting

pos system lable setting

pos system lable setting

pos system Barcode Weighing Scale Setting


pos system Barcode Weighing scale example


POS Market的销售客户主要是更容易,更方便地检查物品。要使用TM-AA-5D条码打印秤整合,在POS客户端的项目设置必须相同与条码秤软件的设置,如产品名称,价格,类别,条码MFG号码,截至日期等等。

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples

POS system Client Examples


  • 有兴趣购买我们的条码打印称,
  • 希望我们的POS客户端集成到您的系统,
  • 在设立条码秤遇到困难,
  • 想更了解或有任何的疑问,

请致电到这里或拨打我们的免费热线 1800 87 7061 查询。