The standard BMO POS system came with everything you need to run your business every day. But if you need a module that isn't here, you can always add a new module to your point-of-sale system to make it do something different. Each module is built to meet the needs of a specific business.

We have a lot of different modules for our BMO POS system at BMO. With these modules, you can change and adapt the system to meet the needs of your business. We have modules that can help with things like inventory management, customer loyalty, and more. These modules can help improve efficiency, cut costs, and make the customer experience better.
The BMO POS system can be used both online and off.

With a POS online solution, you can sync all the information or receipts from your POS terminal to the website. Then, you can use a computer or a mobile phone to look at the receipts on web pages.

Offline software, on the other hand, means that you can run the software on your Windows OS without a network. All of the data are kept in the local database, which can be easily backed up and restored.

Both online and offline solutions can be used with the BMO POS system. You can pick the one that works best for your business. The online solution syncs data in real time and is easy to get to from anywhere. The security and stability of the offline solution are better. You can get the best of both worlds with our POS system.
We also have an HRM system and an invoice system in addition to POS. where the HRM system has parts for payroll, e-claim, attendance, and time off. The invoicing system will let users make more documents, such as invoices, quotes, purchase orders, and more.

The BMO HRM system is made to make HR processes in an organization easier and more automated. It helps keep track of employee information, manage payroll, track attendance, and handle employee claims. It also has a full set of features, such as managing payroll, leaves, tracking time and attendance, managing expenses, and managing compliance.

Face recognition, a thumbprint reader, or an ID card can all be used to automatically sync the attendance record.

The invoicing system is made to help businesses make, send, and manage invoices and other accounting documents like quotes, purchase orders, and sales orders. It makes it easy for users to make invoices and other documents, keep track of payments, and manage relationships with customers. The system also has templates that can be changed, which makes invoicing faster. Users can also store documents and customer information safely. It also gives businesses detailed financial reporting and analytics to help them understand how their money is doing.
The point-of-sale system has a full inventory management module built right in. When you buy a standard POS System bundle, you get the BMO Inventory Management System for free. So it's the best point-of-sale system for your business. Using the inventory management system, you can keep track of every single one of your items. You can also ignore something that isn't physical by making it a non-physical control.

You can make a system of barcodes for your own use. You can even print your barcode if you have a barcode printer. Then, when a customer buys something, you can scan it at the counter. Less mistakes made by people.

You can also change the number of items in stock by hand or let the system do it for you. So you can always have the right amount of stock. You can see how much stock you have right now and be notified when there isn't much left. You can keep track of your inventory better with the help of the POS system.
Our customer service staff is ready to help you. You can get help with things like customising your system, training your staff, growing your business, and more.

Our team is always ready to help you with your point-of-sale, human resources management, and billing systems. You can connect to our support team remotely and get help from them whenever you need it. We can help you make system changes, train your staff, and grow your business. We also help with both traditional and face-recognition door access systems' technical parts. With our team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, you can be sure that your system is running well and smoothly.

We offer support both online and in person at BMO Point of Sales System Malaysia. At the moment, all online POS systems in Malaysia and other countries get free online support for 3 years. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to get in touch with us. The main thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our support. We keep improving our system so that we can help you even more. You can get the latest version right now by going to our download page.

If you want us to come see you, we're happy to, but there will be a fee. All of our customers are strongly urged to let us help them online first. If the problem keeps happening, we will look for other ways to solve it. About 90% of problems can usually be solved online.
The people in our customer service department are ready to help you. You can get help with things like customizing your system, training your staff, growing your business, and more.

Our team is always available to help you with your POS, HRM, and invoicing systems all in one place. You can get help from our support team whenever you need it because you can connect to them remotely. We can help you make changes to your system, train your employees, and grow your business. We also help with the technical side of both traditional and face-recognition door access systems. With our team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, you can be sure that your system is working well and smoothly.
Expand your business and deliver exceptional customer experiences by subscribing to BMO cloud service. Sign up today and request a demo. We’ll help you choose the right products and accessories.

Comprehensive Features List

POSMarket SystemFeatures Description
Affiliate ModelPre-set point earn ratio (e.g RM1 for 1 point)
Alerts/ReminderAble to remind membership expiry
Able to remind manufacturer expiry and custom expiry separately
Able to set vendor reorder stock
Able to set birthday reminder for customer
Able to remind road tax expiry
Able to alert customer aging
Able to alert customer without transaction after a set amount of time
Able to alert table occupied by customer for too long
Able to set service history reminder
Android Order StationOrder via Android device and send to POS system for processing
Android Waiter AppExtension of POS Terminal's mobile app to streamline and make the meal ordering procedure easier
AppointmentPre-set appointment in the calendar for notification purposes
AttendanceRecord employee's daily in/out attendance.
Attendance can be captured using a thumbprint capture device or login time
Auto Email ReportingAutomatically send an email of particular reports on a pre-set time
BackupSystem will automatically backup and user can also backup manually
User can manually backup
Barcode SystemAble to generate barcode for the item that doesn't come with own barcode
CashCustomer can purchase using cash
CategoryAble to insert items by category
Able to apply item discount by category
Centralized Control Over POS StationTo link multiple units of POS system to get same update real-time
Close ShiftAble to allow customer to close shift and clear petty cash automatically
Able to email report for the shift
Cloud Centralized Control Over POS StationMaintain command over all POS Terminal operations and activities by using the POS Cloud system
Contact DatabaseAllow user to add contact details as well as a personal sales record
Control Members, Serial, Vouchers OnlineUtilizing the POS Cloud system, track and modify online consumer information, serial number and vouchers
Able to house-keep over the internet via a special login page
Create Item on The FlyCreate or modify item online via POS Cloud without needing to go to POS terminal in person
Credit LimitTo set a certain credit limit for certain redemption usage
DebtAllow customer to take stock without any payment, and able to track the record over time
DiscountsSet item discount based on item quantity or category
Set single item or multiple items or global discount
Dummy ReceiptsGenerate dummy receipt for testing purposes
Email ReportAble to send email report
Employee CommissionAllow generating employee commission based on the personal sales record
E-WalletAble to support paying with E-wallet with supported partner
Export ContactAble to export contact to be bulk edited and import again
Export ItemAble to export item to be bulk edited and import again
F&B OrderingOrder and eat first, pay later
Fingerprint for LoginAble to login through fingerprint recognition
Record employee attendance through fringerprint recognition
Food & BeverageOptimized for F&B business
Free Upgrades-
Gold SmithAble to insert items by gold type and set gold selling price by its type in bulk
Handle Multiple BranchesAble to oversee multiple branches over the internet
Control all branch operations with a single POS Cloud platform
InventoryRecord inventory in and out in a simple glance
InvoiceIssue invoice for the customer
Item LockerAllow keeping the unfinished item for a particular customer (mainly for bar usage)
Item OptionsAllow adding multiple options for a single item (mainly for F&B)
Item SetAllow setting multiple items in a single button
Item StickerAble to print item sticker for drinks
Kiosk Order For FoodAble to suport paperless order through kisoks
Kitchen PrinterPrint order twice with same printer
Print order with different printer
One printer prints the receipt; the other prints item details
Kitchen QueueKitchen queue numbering system
List of available hardware from
  • 80mm printers
  • 58mm printers
  • A4 regular printers
  • Stand display
  • Dual monitor
  • Cash drawer
  • Cash drawer trigger
  • Barcode scanner
  • Automatic barcode scanner
  • Automatic stand barcode scanner
  • Barcode printer
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Weight machine
  • Fingerprint reader
Mall FTP ReportNU Sentral Hourly Report
Far East Organization
The Quill City Mall
Paradigm Mall
Sungei Wang Plaza
Dpulze mall
Atria Mall
Design Village
Kuantan City Mall
Melawati Mall
TEQ Solutions
West Coast Plaza
The Seletar Mall
Jurong Point
City Square
IOI City Mall
Membership DiscountAble to set different membership discount percentages based on the membership level
Mobile Phone or iPad Report AccessView all POS operation records using BizCloud mobile application
Mobile Phone or Tablet Report AccessAutomatically send SMS to mobile phone for quick report viewing
Multiple Hardware SupportBizCloud POS Client can support multiple hardware
All standard hardware is supported
Multiple Stations SupportAble to set multiple station access to a single database in the same premise (e.g Ground Floor, 1st floor, etc)
Mykad ReaderLogin via Mykad; record contact information via Mykad
Offline CouponPre-set coupon code in the system and allow for redemption
Online Cloud BackupBackup database over the internet with valid subscription
Secure remote backup service that stores all of the data from your POS system
OptometristAble to record customer eye condition in jobsheet
Order StationThe order station will be retrieving data from the main POS System database. Customers can add their orders through the system.
OrderingMake order without paying first
The order can be retrieved later and complete the payment
PetAble to insert customer pet and print pet jobsheet
Petty CashAble to track daily petty cash movement
Physical ControlInventory control for a particular item, unable to sell when item qty is zero
Points RedemptionMember able to collect a point on the normal transaction, and redeem with point accumulated
Prepaid & Credit OnlineUtilizing the POS cloud system, track and modify online consumer prepaid and credit accounts
Prepaid Credit ResetAble to reset prepaid credit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for canteen subsidy
Able to limit usage on a daily basis
Prepaid CreditsAble to record individual prepaid credit
Purchase OrderIssue PO
QR Code Online OrderAble to download order ordered through QR code from cloud
QuotationIssue quotation for customer
Real-Time ReportsGenerate various reports on the fly
Real-Time SurveillanceWebcam as CCTV
Receipt HeaderAble to set different receipt header for different customer
Receipt PreviewAble to preview receipt before print
Receipt StatusAble to set receipt status such as take away, dine in, delivery etc.
Able to generate report based on receipt status
RecurrenceAuto-renew paid membership status/date
Redemption ResetAble to reset redemption point after exipry
Re-Order AlertAlert notification on restocking a particular item
RFID ScannerAble to apply payment with prepaid credit when scanning with RFID card
Second DisplayAble to support second display for customer
Second display is able to support banner
Serial ControlControl item with serial number
Service by ReportAble to generate a report based on service provided
Service, Pickup, Warranty DateTo record customer details on when is the next service, warranty date expiry, etc.
Shop LayoutAble to create a simple shop layout to ease ordering purposes
SMS IntegrationPOS client is capable to send SMS via API access. You just need to purchase SMS credit from to be able to send SMS marketing information to your customers
SMS MarketingBulk SMS system
Support Multiple PrintersMultiple printer support (mainly for kitchen usage)
Support Third-party VoucherSystem able to accept third party voucher with serial numbers
Table LayoutCustomizable shop layout module for designing customers seating area
Tax (GST / VAT/ Service Charge)Allow to apply tax for each item and overall service charge
Various Payment TypeInclude debit card, credit card, prepaid credit, voucher, and many more
VehicleAble to record vehicle and vehicle jobsheet
Able to record vehicle service history and next service date
Able to remind vehicle next service date
VendorAble to record item received from various vendors
Vouchers OnlineCreate vouchers online, and any branch's POS terminal can access them immediately
Weight Machine with BarcodeAble to auto-detect the price based on the barcode printed from a weight machine
3rd Party VoucherGive a discount when consumer submits a voucher that was issued by a third party other than the merchant