From RM 2299
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

+ RM100 / month for Cloud Access
+ RM199 for MyKad Reader
+ RM290 for Customer Display



Package includes:

  • FULL SET Software & Hardware
  • Software Lifetime Online Support
  • One Time Payment

QR Visitor Log

Quick way of filling out the form. Scan QR Code and see the form, it’s that easy! You also can scan the QR Code for immediate access to the relevant report.


Inclusive Setup


Data Retain 2 Months

qr visitor log digital

Mini PC POS System

The best and powerful mini PC POS to save a significant amount of space. This is designed to adapt to your business needs.

mini pc pos system bundle malaysia free cctv


From RM 2999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

Package includes:

  • FULL SET Software & Hardware
  • Software Lifetime Online Support
  • One Time Payment
  • FREE 4 Channel CCTV (1 set)

Thermal Barcode Printer Malaysia

POS Market Barcode Printer Software allows you to create and print your own barcodes. You can have the Barcode Printer Software for free when you purchase our Thermal Barcode Printer. POS Barcode Printer software provides an easy to use interface to create multiple barcode label types for all kinds of business for example Retail store, Warehouse Sales, Bookstore, Optical Store and so on.

RM 320 + Free Software

Thermal Barcode Printer

POS Bundle P1500

The performance of our NEW Mini, Budget, Powerful POS Bundle P1500 makes it a perfect fit for any business industry such as restaurant, cafe, retail shops, popup stores, bookstore. Run your inventory system and customer records though 11.6 inches Touch Screen and has the ability to generate Receiptless QR Code on POS Market Customer Display.


From RM 3999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

Package includes:

  • FULL SET Software & Hardware
  • Software Lifetime Online Support
  • One Time Payment

POS Bundle P1500

F&B Point of Sales

Advanced cafe and restaurant POS system to help you manage staff, customers, inventory and profit easily. F&B POS System can easily configured to suit most restaurant environment.

From RM 3999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

+ RM100 for Cloud Access
+ RM199 for MyKad Reader


Package includes:

  • FULL SET Software & Hardware
  • Software Lifetime Online Support
  • One Time Payment

XW Android POS System

XW Android POS System is a POS System that run on the Android platform and is designed to adapt to your business needs.

From RM 2199
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


XW Standalone Android POS system malaysia

XW POS Manual

Browse and download XW POS Manual in various languages (EN, BM & CN).

Android Complementary Ordering System

Android Complementary Ordering System is a mobile food ordering mobile app specially designed to speed up your restaurant operations and increases your restaurant efficiency.

Add On RM 1000

XW Mobile Ordering

Complement to F&B POS System

Android Complementary Ordering System pos system

QMS Queue Manager

Complete Queue Management System QMS that fulfills your queuing needs from basic queue system to sophisticated queue solutions. Our queue management system handles customers and visitors crowd by allowing them to enter queue and taking a ticket number at self service ticketing kiosk or payment counters.

Queue Management System (QMS)

queue system ticket number queue manager queue management


POS Market QMS Queue System

From RM 1499
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

  • Unlimited Queue Manager Software
  • Queue Display Set (QD100, Adapter, USB Cable)
  • Monitor / TV (*Optional)
  • FREE Integration with POS Market POS System


QMS Queue Number Kiosk

From RM 3999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

  • Unlimited Queue Manager Software
  • Queue Display Set (QD100, Adapter, USB Cable)
  • 11.6″ Touch Screen P1500 (Number Kiosk)
  • 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Keyboard
  • Speaker
  • Monitor / TV (*Optional)

QR Code Attendance System

Quite often there’s a need for a quick and easy way to check people into a meeting or an event, or to register the attendance of one or more people at a location. Our QR Code Attendance System allows you to scan QR code and records the name, date and time of the attendees.

Whether it’s team members at a staff meeting or training session, students at a seminar, attendees at a conference or trade show, or a security guard at a monitored location, create a single QR code that simplifies the attendance monitoring process.

QR Code Attendance System

Face Recognition Attendance System

Face Recognition Attendance System

Face Recognition Device is our new live face scan device. Packed with powerful features such as detect and track 5 persons simultaneously shown on the screen, flexible detecting distance from 0.5 meter to 4 meters, works great under sunlight or dark night. This contact-less facial recognition attendance system, comes with:

  • Face Recognition Device
  • 3.5″ TFT Resistive Touch Screen

Face recognition attendance system offers simple and efficiently manageable HR software that provides a platform to maintain attendance records. The bio-metric face recognition system is rapidly becoming the essential tool for all HR departments to easily track employees’ time and attendance records.

POS Customers Setup

Restaurant POS SystemMarch 2020
Hardware Store POS SystemFeb 2020
Retail Store POS SystemFeb 2020
Hypermarket POS SystemFeb 2020
School Canteen POS SystemFeb 2020
Milk Tea Cafe SetapakFeb 2020
Training Academy POS SystemJan 2020
Optometry POS SystemJan 2020
Cafe POS SystemJan 2020
Coffee Factory POS SystemJan 2020
Auto Car Detailing SpecialistJan 2020
Cafe POS SystemJan 2020
Cosmetic StoreJan 2020
Hair SalonJan 2020

QR Code and Barcode Scanner Reader

Scanners are a core component in every scanning and tracking application. Barcode scanners are cost-effective tools that can help your business improve its overall operations. Our new POSMarket QR code & barcode scanner USB Port Mobile Payment Box have a very large reading windows and quickly identify the 1D/2D code. With the ability of barcode scanner to read from any surface, you can streamline previous processes while reducing the amount of paperwork and printing involved.


POS System with Web Cam Surveillance

Retail environments have always been a target for internal fraud and public theft. With integrated BizCloud POS System, you can increase store security and reduce inventory loss. The system has the ability to connect any webcam to snap photo for sales transaction.

POS System with Web Cam

pos system with web cam

Electronic Cash Register

The perfect blend of form and function! This versatile electronic cash register offers high-performance features in a stylish, compact body. It use 58mm thermal line dot printer movement and 8 line LED digital.

Ideal for retail formats ranging from small kiosks to large food courts. As well as being easy to operate, it has a clearly arranged operator display and preset text keys, making it perfect for tackling the demands of everyday business.

RM 599


pos system electronic cash register

General POS System

The only POS system you will need to run your business successfully while you increase profits and reduce costs! Our POS System is suitable for institutions, senior housing, recreational parks, clubs, cleaners, lodging and many more.

From RM 3999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

+ RM100 / month for Cloud Access
+ RM199 for MyKad Reader
+ RM290 for Customer Display


 dell general bundle malaysia

Package includes:

  • FULL SET Software & Hardware
  • Software Lifetime Online Support
  • One Time Payment

Wireless IP Camera CCTV

Providing you the best range of CCTV System such as Wireless CCTV WiFi Kit IP Camera. Run your business with confidence using wireless CCTV to prevent theft.

Package included:

  • 1 x NVR
  • 4 x IP Camera
  • 1 x USB Mouse


  • LCD Recon Monitor
  • 3.5″ 1TB Hard Disk
  • 4 Units Fake Camera
Wireless CCTV


posmarket cctv setup pos system

Wireless CCTV Per Set
RM999 (4 IP Camera | RM1599 (8 IP Cameras)
Wireless CCTV with Installation
RM1699 (4 IP Cameras) | RM2799 (8 IP Cameras)
CCTV Installation Service at Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Perak, Penang & Kedah

8 Channel IP CCTV (POE)
with Installation
16 Channel IP CCTV (POE)
with Installation
32 Channel IP CCTV (POE)
with Installation
64 Channel IP CCTV (POE)
with Installation

Wired IP Camera CCTV

Safeguard your premises with Dahua CCTV Cameras for indoor or outdoor applications. Our CCTV Malaysia packages comprises a wide selection of best value for money and reliable CCTV solutions. Dahua CCTV is security camera industry’s most innovative technology used to prevent theft.

Package included:

  • 1 x NVR (POE)
  • 8/16/32/64 x IP Camera (POE)
  • 1 x 16 Port POE Switch (32/64 channel package only)
  • Installation


  • LCD Recon Monitor
  • 6TB / 8TB Hard Disk


What type of business are you running?

As the leading POS provider, we have the perfect system and module for various types of business.
POS System for All Businesses


retail pos business

Mini Markets
Hardware Store
Clothes Boutique
Gadget Store
and more…

Food & Beverages

food and beverages pos business

Food Courts
and more….


mixed pos business

Warehouse Sales
Pop-up Stalls
Mobile Food Truck
Visitor Attractions
and more…


speciality pos business

Education Centers
Gyms and Fitness Centers
Laundry Shop
Sports Centers
Car Rental
and more…

SQL Accounting Software

Make your enterprise pos system and business practices even more easier with our Accounting software POS system Malaysia that links all important business transaction documents and inventory to your SQL accounting software with POS Software.

RM 1499
Price for SQL Accounting Software only.

  • GL (General Ledger)
  • Customer (AR)
  • Supplier (AP)
  • Additional Features
  • Sales Modules
  • Purchase Modules

* Optional Modules

  • Sales & Purchase *
  • SQL Inventory *
    • Stock Document Listing
    • Stock Reorder Advice
    • Stock Card
    • Stock Month End Balance
    • Stock Aging
    • Stock Analysis by Documents

sql accounting pos system

SQL Accounting

Workshop Invoicing System

BizCloud POS System is packed with features specifically designed for car and motorcycle workshops. Our POS System includes useful functions such as ‘vehicle service history’ and ‘stock control’ that helps workshop owners to keep customer’s vehicle information, schedule important car maintenance reminders and manage their vehicle spare parts inventory accurately.

workshop invoicing pos system

From RM 3149
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


POS with CRM Software

CRM Quotation is a cloud application modules for small and medium enterprises. You can automate your sales quote, save time and ultimately, cost. You do not need to be an expert to create quotation for your potential clients.

From RM 1999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


pos system crm quotation

Contact Manager Software

It is time to up sales your products

Contact Management Software includes advanced features that enable users to manage profitable customers, leads and opportunities efficiently. The dedicated modules in Contact List Manager CRM software is able to help your organization track customer source , manage sales lifecycle, annual membership, monthly billing and other related business activities.

Contact Management Software Features:

  • Offline CRM Software
  • One-Time Payment RM1400
  • Software Lifetime Support
  • IC Card Reader Support
  • Record Customers Information Including Alternate Addresses, Educations etc.
  • Support Stand Alone Or Client And Server Architecture
Contact List Manager

RM 1400
One Time Payment Only


Optical Shop Management System


optical invoicing pos system malaysia

eye prescription record pos system

Features like ‘eye prescription record’, ‘pickup date’ and ‘warranty date’ alerts help business owners to run the shop easily and systematically, saving time and being consistent with customers through sales records and job sheet records.

From RM 4099
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

POS for Bookstore

Our POS for Bookstore was specially created for all types of bookstore to operate the daily business routine.

  • Book Inventory System
  • Client Database & Membership
  • Flexible Payment System
  • eCommerce
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Invoicing

From RM 4679
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


pos system for bookstore

From RM 3149
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

Package includes:

  • FULL SET Software & Hardware
  • Software Lifetime Online Support
  • One Time Payment

POS with Membership System

Excel in managing your customer loyalty, multiple branches, discounts or membership system.


pos system with membership system

  • Loyalty Program
  • Discounts for membership
  • Prepaid member credits for later use
  • Membership fees
  • Info sharing for multiple branches
  • Member points accumulation
  • Membership expiry date
  • IC Card Reader
  • Vouchers
  • Member profiles
  • Purchase history

Gym POS System

Gym POS System is a POS system that is designed specifically for gyms and fitness clubs will streamline day-to-day activities like payment processing and membership fee collections. Gym POS System will speed up processes, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

From RM 1999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


pos system for Gymnasium

Rent A POS System

Organize your sales events easily without increasing operational costs with our simple Rent-A-POS system deal!

POS Hardware ONLY

Full POS Hardware & Software

POS Software ONLY

Server POS + Multiple Clients


RM 100 / day
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


e-Leave HRM System Introduction

BizCloud e-Leave HRM System Introduction

e-Leave HRM Software Introduction (Short Video)

POS with Attendance System

BizCloud HRM System (e-Leave, Attendance, e-Claim, Payroll) is easy to set up.

It works perfectly with all of our BizCloud Modules including POS System. If your company comprises of multiple branches in different location, BizCloud attendance system is comprehensive for you to keep track of your employees’ leaves and work hours.

From RM 490
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


pos system for attendance mobile apps

Car Wash POS System

Car Wash POS System is an essential tool for all car wash and car detailing businesses. Car Wash POS System modules work perfectly for car wash business, premium car detailing business and so much more. The features in our Car Wash POS System can systematically plan your schedule with service reminders and customer record tracking.

From RM 1999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


pos system for car wash

From RM 5649
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

Package includes:

  • FULL SET Software & Hardware
  • Software Lifetime Online Support
  • One Time Payment


Pet Shop POS System

Running a pet store requires diligently managing your inventory and keeping your customers delight. Here we glad to introduce our Pet Shop POS System to ease your business operation!

From RM 1999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.


pet shop pos system

Salon POS System

Our Salon POS System is a carefully designed POS system that supports spa POS transaction records while allowing for salon appointment deposits and salon booking prepayment for a better pricing deal for long term clients.

From RM 2999
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

  • Sales Documentation System
  • Inventory / Product Management
  • Client Database
  • Booking
  • Deposit Payments
  • Flexible Payment System
  • Employee

pos system for salon

Cafe POS System

Cafe POS System is an essential tool for cafe.Cafe POS System is designed to be versatile and easily configured to suit most cafe environment.

Cafe POS System


From RM 2929
Price not inclusive of setup and installation charges.

  • Beverages
  • Memberships
  • Cashier
  • Kitchen
  • Layout
  • Order Station
  • Waiters Mobile App
  • Booking Mobile App
  • Multiple Printers
  • Queue management

POS with Barcode System

Our POS with Barcode System can help to run the daily business routine such as read printed barcode and output barcode to a computer.


pos system barcode

  • Scanning A Barcode
  • Add Barcode In Item
  • Generate Item Barcode
  • Item Scanner
  • Data In Barcode

POS On-The-Go

Reduce your long lines and increase your reviews of happy, satisfied customers with our POS On-The-Go POS system! Tend to your food truck business easily and efficiently with a combination of our Xpress Waiter Ordering System so that orders come in easily and sales transactions are done smoothly.


pos system weight machine scale

Best solution for meat, fruits & vegetables stores

  • Laundry Business
  • Wet Markets
  • Market Place
  • Mini Markets

Now your customers can have the convenience to pay with their Alipay account with our updated Alipay POS feature. We encourage all our POS system users to learn how to add on this payment feature so you can cater to more of your customers payment preferences.


alipay pos system

Real-time Inventory

Real-time inventory with the POS software helps you manage your stock better, understand the products that are in demand and order ahead as well as plan for sales and promotions for products that are slow moving.


inventory management pos system

Point of Sales & Effective SMS Marketing

Send out SMS to your customers directly to get your message out faster.

1,000 SMS 0.0900 +6% MYR 95.40
3,000 SMS 0.0900 +6% MYR 286.20
5,000 SMS 0.0900 +6% MYR 477.00
10,000 SMS 0.0850 +6% MYR 901.00
20,000 SMS 0.0800 +6% MYR 1696.00
50,000 SMS 0.0750 +6% MYR 3975.00

isms pos system

pos system sms marketing

Hypermarket System FTP Upload

Manage your daily operations systematically through our retail store and F&B POS systems. Our POS System
will generate reports for the mall management to automatically upload to the mall’s ERP system server.

mall erp pos system


Click image above to view daily operational flow
Your mall is not listed here? Contact us!

  • Queensbay Mall
  • Design Village
  • NU Sentral
  • Gateway@KLIA2
  • 898 Mall Sdn Bhd
  • Paradigm Mall
  • Dpulze Mall
  • Atria Mall
  • USJ City Mall
  • Melawati Mall
  • KSL City Mall
  • Intermark Mall
  • IOI Mall
  • Decentrum Mall
  • Plaza Pelangi
  • Capital Land – The Mines
  • Sunway Putra Mall
  • Gurney Plaza
  • Encorp Strand Mall Lounge
  • Far East Organization
  • Sungei Wang Plaza
  • Tropicana City Mall
  • Mid Valley Mega Mall
  • Cheras Leisure Mall
  • The Quill City Mall
  • Kompleks Keramat Mall
  • Sunshine Bertam Shopping Mall
  • 1 Utama Shopping Centre
  • Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
  • and many more!

Generate Business Documents with POS Market

Our point of sales systems allows you to generate customized business documents with your company brand easily.

Malaysia SST Tax
Multiple Receipts
  • Invoices A4
  • Receipts A4/80mm/58mm
  • Statement of Account
  • Multiple Reports
  • Purchase Order
  • Quotation

business document pos system

Without BMO Cloud Access, you can still enjoy the full features for BMO Offline Client:

android app pos system

Android Waiter App

android order station pos system

Android Order Station App

appointment pos system


attendance pos system


auto email report pos system

Auto Email Reporting

cash pos system


contact database pos system

Contact Database

item on the fly pos system

Create Item on The Fly

credit limit pos system

Credit Limit

debt pos system


discount pos system


employee commission pos system

Employee Commission

foods & beverages pos system

Food & Beverage

kitchen queue pos system

Kitchen Queue

inventory pos system


item options pos system

Item Options

item set pos system

Item Set

petty cash pos system

Petty Cash

point redemption pos system

Points Redemption



recurrence pos system


re order pos system

Re-order Alert

Service, Pickup, Warranty Date

SMS Integration

multiple printers pos system

Supports up to 12 Printers

tax sst vat pos system

Tax(SST & VAT)

table layout pos system

Table Layout

vendor pos system


weight machine pos system

Weight Machine with Barcode

pos system voucher

3rd Party Voucher

Download our latest brochure including information about our products and services.

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Cloud and Offline POS System

BizCloud POS System can work as offline cashier machine as well as a web based pos. There are a few setups for POS system that you can choose from, for your operation conveniences.

  1. Full offline POS hardware and POS software. All our POS System packages support this setup. Lowest price and you do not need to pay monthly or yearly maintenance fees. In fact, no commitment when you subscribe Global POS System. You own the Global POS System license on that computer.
  2. Hybrid POS system setup refer to a unique facility of our POS system where you use the POS software offline as usual. When you have internet connection, BizCloud’s comprehensive pos online solution will sync to cloud. You login to the cloud to view reports, adjust inventory, prices and other operations. The data is then synced.

Multiple Branches (Multi-store) POS and Multiple Stations POS

We propose POS Cloud Solution for multiple branches, each branch setup a POS System Malaysia, when internet is available, data is synced to the cloud. Admin or headquarter will login to online to view reports, adjust inventory, prices, descriptions and etc. The data then synced to the branches POS.

Second approach will be setting up VPN for each store and share the server which is hosted in headquarter. This setup will eliminate the cloud totally, but rely on the speed of your internet.

For multiple all in one pos system stations, you can choose to use a client server and run multiple clients in a location. This is identical to the setup of supermarket POS.

pos system post terminal

Why BizCloud POS System?

  • Easy to use, 30 days Free trial. Register now!
  • Real time inventory updates
  • Free constant module updates
  • Quick setup. Just install BizCloud POS System and key in your BizCloud POS System log in info
  • Cost saving. Subscribe our package which cost only a fraction of what is offered in the market
  • Integration. We design our software to work seamlessly with other in-house software, creating a great user experience to our clients.