Step 1 : Register

Step 2 : Receive Activation Email

Step 3 : Activate Account

Step 4 : Receive Confirmation Email
Please download Offline POS System Installer HERE & install after registration.

Login / Registration Steps

Step 1
Register your company.

Register your company

Step 2
Check your email.

Check your email

Step 3
Click on Activate My Account.

Click on Activate My Account

Step 4
Received a confirmation email.

Received a confirmation email

Software Guide Software
Install .NET Framework Visit Website
Install SQLite Framework Download
Install BMO Client Download
More Reference Click HERE

Basic Guides
  1. Food and Beverage Settings
  2. How to Do Cash Transactions
  3. How to Make Order
  4. How to Print Receipt
  5. Multiple Printing Format
  6. How to Insert Item Options
  7. How to Export to Excel
  8. Barcode Settings
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Devices Guide Software
Install USB Stand Display Download
Install Thermal Printer 80mm Driver / 58mm Driver
Install Cash Drawer Download
Install Barcode Scanner No Driver Required
Install Touch Screen Monitor Download
Install Magnetic Card Reader No Driver Required
More Reference Click HERE