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POS Market Queue Manager is a Queue System and waiting for line application that helps your company solve queue management problems. POS Market Queue Manager System improves customer experience by providing better flow at essential customer touchpoints with easy to use wireless QMS queue system hardware, queue displays, and queue management software.

Our POS Market Queue Manager handles diverse organization queue issues with ease and creates a seamless solution for any company size. Scale-able Queue Manager and POS Market POS System Integration Ready to complete your business.

Complete QMS Solution for Service Counters And FnB

Complete Queue Management System QMS that fulfills your company’s queuing needs from a basic QMS queuing system to sophisticated queue solutions. POS Market Queue Management System handles the crowd by allowing customers or visitors to enter a digital queue and retrieve ticket number via wireless self-service ticketing kiosk or payment counters. This method helps your company to disperse waiting for line crowds and complements social distancing guidelines.

queue system windows All you need is a Windows PC to run Queue Manager. For wireless numbering kiosk touchpoints, you can opt for our P1500 touch screen device.

queue system queue manager qms system

Support Multiple Language

Multiple voice languages available in the Queue Management System. View the list of available languages below. We welcome requests for other languages as well. Just contact us!

Languages available:

  • English
  • Malay
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Filipino
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese
  • Many more..

Supported countries include:

  • Japan
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • United Kingdom
  • Thailand
  • Korea
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Philippines
  • And more..

queue management system support multiple countries languages

Queue Management System Bundles

qms application system

QMS Application System

Application in

  • Utility
  • Telecommunication
  • Aviation
  • Courier Service
  • Vaccination Center
  • Etc.

Yearly Support & Maintenance RM3000

  • Online support
  • 2 times visit to service the system (every 6 months)
  • Applicable for Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor Bahru only
  • Other states charge separately

qms queue number web server

Application in

  • Food and Beverages
  • Bank
  • Hospital
  • Service Counter
  • Government Service
  • Etc.

Yearly Support & Maintenance RM3000

  • Online support
  • 2 times visit to service the system (every 6 months)
  • Applicable for Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor Bahru only
  • Other states charge separately

queue kiosk system

Queue Kiosk System

Application in

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Banking
  • Theme Parks
  • Institutions
  • Etc.

Yearly Support & Maintenance RM3000

  • Online support
  • 2 times visit to service the system (every 6 months)
  • Applicable for Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor Bahru only
  • Other states charge separately

Queue Management Rental Solutions

Rent our Queue Management System for your events, even if it’s just for a day! We understand that efficient queue management is crucial for exceptional customer service at events like roadshows, exhibitions, fairs and etc. Our Queue Management System Rental offers flexible options, including single-day rentals, to ensure queues move swiftly, enhancing attendee satisfaction and your brand’s image.

If you’re interested in renting our QMS system, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US now for a quotation!

qms rental bundle

QMS Rental Bundle

  • 1 Ticketing Device
  • 1 Display Device
  • Laptop (Caller & Server)
  • Monitor with table stand & USB Speaker


Duration: 1-3 Days
Please contact us for more than 3 days quote.

Application in

  • Roadshows
  • Trade Fairs
  • Events
  • Conference
  • Onsite Setup / Training RM400 (KL,JB & Penang)
    **Other state will quote accordingly
  • Office Collection RM100 – KL,JB & Penang Office
    Collect & Training
  • Onsite Standby Support RM800 – per Event/day
    (1 Support Staff)
  • RM2000 Refundable Deposit per set

** Note: We reserve the right to change the feature, function, price, and agreement without prior notice.

QMS Add On Item

Add On Item (*Optional) Item Price

Queue Ticket Printer QTP-100 Device

  • Touch screen, all in one design
  • Work as number or ticket printer
  • Programmable buttons, multiple queue ticket layouts
queue system qtp100 with queue system app RM1799
POS Market Intel Core i5 Mini PC Queue Server posmarket mini pc RM2500

Additional QD-100 Device

  • For Queue Number display on another TV
additional qd 100 device RM1700

Additional QN-100 Device

  • For additional Touch Screen Ticket Counter
additional qn 100 device RM1700

Additional QN-100S Device

  • For additional Touchless Sensor Ticket Counter
additional qn 100s device RM2200
Intel Core i7 Desktop Queue Server RM5000
50 inches TV with HDMI Ports RM2500
HDMI Splitter RM35

Setup and Commission

  • Cabling and installation
  • Not include network cable (device will be running on WiFi)
  • Power plugs prefer to be provided
  • 10 meters HDMI cables
RM2000 (QMS Application)
RM3000 (QMS Web Server)
Onsite Basic Installation + QMS Training RM2000
Cabling and Installation of TV RM1000

Yearly Support & Maintenance

  • Online support
  • 2 times visit to service the system (every 6 months)
  • Applicable for Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor Bahru area only
  • Other states charge separately
Call POSMarket today at 1 800 87 7061 to find out more about POSMarket Queue Manager

Queue System Key Features

queue system pos market ready

Queue Manager is readily integrated with POS Market POS System

queue system qms system counter p1500

Queue Manager can be used on its own

queue manager queue system wireless display

Queue Manager links to Queue Display Monitor via WiFi (Wireless)

queue system queue number kiosk customer service p1500

Queue Number Kiosk with customizable buttons and backgrounds

Queue System Hardware Essentials

queue management system service counter queue system hardwares qms

Queue System Diagram

queue system diagram

queue manager qms system queue system scene 1

Queue Manager Service Counter Scenario 1

Managing Service Counters Customer Experience

It is common knowledge that places such as bank institutions, post office, mall customer service or insurance agency often requires long waiting time for visitors. Now with POS Market Queue Manager, customers will enter the digital queue by generating the queue number and print the ticket at the queue number kiosk. After digitally securing a place in line, your customers can now spend their time in a waiting however they see fit because your visitors know exactly when they are to be called for service.

You need a Windows PC to run the Queue Manager, P1500 device would be a great option to run your QMS queue system.

Service Counters Queue System Flow

queue management system service counter scene

Step 1

queue system service counter
  1. Visitors select service required at the Queue Number Kiosk (Label buttons and background is customizable)
  2. Queue Number Kiosk (optional device P901) linking to a receipt printer will print the generated queue number

Step 2

queue system service counter
  1. When your service counter is ready to accept customer, your staff can select the Call [Queue Number] button
  2. Queue Manager can work on its own in a separate Windows device or you can install it into your service counter Windows PC

Step 3

queue system service counter queue display
  1. Queue Manager will display the queue number at Queue Number Display Monitor
  2. You can have multiple monitors, mounted anywhere in your premise
  3. Display Monitor runs in WiFi using a small receiver
queue system pos system touch screen

Restaurants Need to Care About Queue Management

The last thing a restaurant would want to do is make customers waiting to eat. Restaurants are unlike other businesses where customers make a purchase and checks out as fast as possible. Customers want to sit, chat, and eat while having a pleasant experience. That part of a pleasant experience is related to restaurant queues.

POS Market POS System is readily integrated with the Queue Manager in the same POS machine. You can opt to use the Queue Manager on its own too. After your customers have done ordering at the counter and complete the transaction, a receipt is printed and the queue number is generated. Then Queue Manager comes into action by calling the number when the order is ready. You may have as many Queue Manager as you want. The queue system runs on a network and they can be linked to your POS System.

Queue Manager FnB Restaurant Scenario 2

queue manager qms system queue system scenario cafe

queue manager qms system queue system scene fnb cafe restaurant

POS System FnB with Queue Manager Scenario 3

If you are planning to move your business to the next level and focus to improve customer experience without having to replace all your existing POS solutions, POS Market Queue Manager has the solution you need. Integrate your POS System with the Queue Manager to create additional value for your business and customer experience. POS Market Queue Manager is able to work on its own and generate the numbering without interfering with your existing POS System functions.

Advantages of Queue Manager

  • Use the full functionality of Queue Manager and keep your existing POS system installation on-premise
  • You can generate your numbering according to your requirements
  • Queue Manager uses Windows PC to run
  • You can have multiple Queue Managers and still run on the same network

POS System FnB with Queue Manager Scenario 4

Adopt Queue Management System

A restaurant that is able to build a loyal customer base is likely to be more successful. Queue Manager can help you with doing the right things. Besides Queue Manager handling your restaurant’s crowds, we can use Queue Manager to set up a Kitchen Display where chefs in the kitchen can view the details of the order receipt or when a customer has an additional request for the order such as add rice.

The chefs are then able to prepare the order accurately and update the order status such as “Preparing” or “Done” so the order can have immediate service and improves service flow. Waiters on the floor no longer need to continuously check with the kitchen and focus on servicing the customers better. This will improve the communication between the kitchen and restaurant service floor.

queue manager qms system queue system scene restaurant kitchen

FnB POS System & Waiter Order Station with Queue System Flow

POS Market POS System, Android App Xpress Waiter Order Station, and Queue Manager QMS inter-connects wirelessly with ease on the same network within your premise.

queue management system restaurant fnb

Step 1

queue system features

POS System

queue system android pos system xpress waiter fnb order station

Waiter Order Station

  1. Make an order at the counter’s POS System or waiter’s Order Station
  2. Print out a receipt with queue number for customers

Step 2

queue system fnb queue manager
  1. Select your order from the list at the left column
  2. Select the status label of your order
  3. The chef can update the order status to e.g. Preparing
  4. All status button labels are customize-able. You can add as many statuses as you deem fit or name the buttons accordingly.

Step 3

queue system fnb queue manager
  1. If you have QMS set up in the kitchen as well, your kitchen will be able to check the order detail e.g Waiter selects “Ask” and types Add Rice.
  2. The Kitchen Display will display the order details after the chef selects the order to check.
  3. Once the order is prepared, the chef selects “Done”.

Step 4

queue system fnb queue display
  1. The restaurant service counter will select “Call”
  2. The queue number will then be displayed at the queue display monitor
  3. The background of the Queue Display System can be changed to your requirement

Queue Management System Additional Features

queue system ticket number queue manager queue management

Printed queue number ticket

queue number display monitor screen hdmi splitter connector

You are free to mount multiple TV or display monitor anywhere with HDMI spliter

Queue Management Integration

Wireless Direct link to Queue Management Screen for Customers

Our Queue Management System links to multiple Queue Display Monitors via WiFi networks without the need for network cable wiring. This feature allows you to assign any area in your premise to be the customer waiting area.

queue management system integration wireless connection screen display

queue manager integration clinic queue management services queue management

Queue Management Screen with Layout 6

Queue Manager is designed to improve the healthcare center’s outpatient and patient flow and improve hospitals, labs, or clinic’s facilities efficiency. Our Queue Management System handles the initial entry point to check-out, assigning them to the correct staff or doctors. Queue Manager also handles Service Center crowd well by providing a comfortable transition every step. Suitable for:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Treatment centers
  • Car service center
  • Computer service center
  • Mobile phone service center

Alert Customers When Food is Ready

Customers can relax and acknowledge that their food is being prepared by monitoring their queue status on the screen. When their food is ready, the cashier counter or food collection counter will alert the customer on the same screen. Thus, creating a smooth and pleasant customer experience.

queue manager integration queue management pos system alert customer

queue manager integration restaurant queue management pos system

Food And Beverage Queue System Screen Layout 2

Our Queue Management System is designed for the Food and Beverage industry or fast-food chain. The queue management system is seamlessly integrated with the POS Market POS System. When your customer transacts at your cashier counter, the receipt number will be displayed at the Queue Management Screen. When the food is ready, the cashier at POS Terminal can directly open the Queue Manager to call the customer’s number.

Queue Management System Setup

Setting Up Queue Number Station

  1. Start BMO Client Software
  2. Click Setting
  3. Go to Queue > Queue Number
  4. Fill the details to create a new Queue Button (see Image 1)
  5. Repeat Step 4 to create more Queue Button
  6. Click Save to keep Setting

queue management system setupImage 1: Queue Number Setting

Use Queue Number Station

  1. Start BMO Client Software
  2. Select Queue Number Module
  3. Enter Username & Password
  4. Click Login to enter Queue Number Station
  5. Press button to select service (see Image 2)
  6. The printer will print Queue Number according to selected service (see Image 3)

queue management system setupImage 2: Queue Number Station

queue management system setupImage 3: Queue Number Slip

Setting Up Queue Display

  1. Turn on and plug Queue Display device to Monitor / TV
  2. To connect to a WiFi connection, press Win-Key, click Select Network, then select the correct WiFi connection, and hit Connect (see Image 4)
  3. Then, go to Queue Display Setting
  4. Set BMO Client Port to 18100
  5. Enter Queue Manager device IP Address into BMO Client IP Address
  6. Click Save
  7. Restart the device

queue management system setupImage 4: Queue Display Setting

queue management system setup

queue management system setup

queue management system setup

Setting Up Queue Manager

  1. Start BMO Client Software
  2. Click Setting
  3. Go to Queue > Queue Manager (see Image 5)
  4. Enter the main Queue Manager IP Address
  5. Set port to 18100
  6. Click Save to keep Setting

queue management system setupImage 5: Queue Manager Setting

Use Queue Manager

  1. Start BMO Client Software
  2. Select the Queue Manager Module
  3. Enter Username & Password
  4. Click Login to enter Queue Manager
  5. Queue Number will come out automatically if you are using Queue Number device
  6. To manually enter Queue Number, enter the number in Insert Number Column and click Insert
  7. Click the Next button to call next Queue Number inline (see Image 6)
  8. The Queue Number will be displayed on screen once it is called (see Image 7)

queue management system setupImage 6: Queue Manager Operation

queue management system setupImage 7: Queue Number Display

Point of Sales Software with Queue Management System

BMO Queue Management System comes together with our POS System bundle.

  1. Sharing the same database with multiple computer
  2. Random Receipt Number Display
  3. Runs on the same network

If you have any special requirements for BMO POS Software with Queue Management System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share it with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.

KK Leong: +6014 602 8442
PG Office: +604 642 0621
Singapore: +65 8301 0483
Email: sales@bizcloud.asia

KL Office 1: +603 2780 3880
KL Office 2: +603 7980 1388
JB Office: +607 361 8927

Sharing the Same Database with Multiple Computer

Our BMO POS System with Queue Management System allows multiple location setup and sharing just one database. Using this function, you may avoid cases such as a duplicated receipt. Then, you can display the queue concurrently and get the proper profit of your sales. This makes our POS software easy to use and efficient, instead of viewing different sets of reports from different POS terminal.

Random Display Receipt Number

Similar to take a number system you normally encounter, our POS System with Queue Management System allows you to randomly select the receipt number from the list or enter the receipt number to display.

Featured Queue Management System Customer Setup

Melaka, Muar, and Putrajaya PPV Vaccine Centre

Unlike a regular health facility or clinic, a Covid vaccination centre must avoid packed waiting spaces and long lines of people waiting for their turn. The scheduling and movement of individuals in and out of the facility are carefully coordinated through our Queue Manager due to the massive number of people that want to get vaccinated. The Queue System has a wireless device setup, multiple station support, and it can adapt to any vaccine centre layout plan.

posmarket queue management system vaccine centre ppv melaka

posmarket queue system muar vaccine centre ppv johor

posmarket putrajaya mall ppv vaccine centre queue system

qms setup dental clinic

Dental Clinic – Melaka

qms setup utility provider firm

Utility Provider Firm – Kedah

qms setup healthcare 30122022

Healthcare – Selangor

qms setup single stop service trading 30092022

Single Stop Service Trading – Melaka

qms setup household appliances shop 24112021

Household Appliances Shop – Penang

qms setup telecommunication service provider 12112021

Telecommunication Service Center – Penang

qms walk in customer 13092021

Walk-in customer – KL

ms setup government office 13092021

Government Office – KL

walk in customer

Walk-in customer – KL

walk in customer

Walk-in customer – KL

qms setup medical clinic

Medical Clinic – KL

qms setup car dealer shop

Car Dealer Shop – KL

qms setup pusat latihan memandu

Pusat Latihan Memandu – Dengkil

qms setup pejabat agama islam

Pejabat Agama Islam – Sepang

qms setup dental clinic

Dental Clinic – Kedah

qms setup university

University – Johor

qms setup jewelry store

Jewelry Store – Kajang

qms setup engineering university

University Engineering – Melaka

qms setup car dealership

Car Dealership – Sri Kembangan

qms setup syariah court

Syariah Court – Johor

qms setup car service center

Car Service Center – Nilai

qms setup car service center

Driving Academy – Port Klang

qms setup driving academy port klang

Driving Academy – Port Klang

qms setup driving academy shah alam

Driving Academy – Shah Alam

qms setup electronic distributor

Electronic Distributor – Petaling Jaya

qms setup driving academy puchong

Driving Academy – Puchong