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Optical Standard POS System

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BMO POS Optical Module, along with XpressWaiter
Compatible With Your Tablet Devices!

With our optical POS system module, you can seamlessly access sales and inventory management through the XpressWaiter App on your tablet, even while you’re on the go. Our optical POS System module empowers you to stay connected with your business at all times. Whether you’re on the showroom floor or at a customer’s location, you can use your portable tablet to manage sales and inventory in real-time.

Our system is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to add products, track sales, and monitor inventory levels. You can also generate detailed reports and analytics to help you make informed business decisions.

In addition, our system supports a range of payment options, including cash, credit, and mobile payments, allowing you to provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers. Overall, the combination of our optical POS system module and your portable tablet provides a powerful tool for managing your optical store, increasing sales, and improving customer satisfaction.

Customer Details

Add new contact such as Name, Contact Number, Email, Address, etc.

optometry shop module

optometry shop module

Save Examination Photo

Save or upload eye exam photos to the device.

optometry shop module

optometry shop module

Edit and Delete Job Sheet

Find related job sheets with the Job Sheet search module by receipt number and date range. Selecting the checkbox upon locating the job sheet populates the Previous Report section with its values.

optometry shop module

optometry shop module

Eye Examination Records

optometry shop module

  • Eye prescription info and remarks.
  • Value is display side by side for Left and Right Eye.

Purchase History

optometry shop module

Display the purchased item that is linked to the receipt number.

Transaction / Payment

optometry shop module

Able to attach customer, select multiple item, etc.

Draw Eye for Recording

User can draw line using stylus or finger. You can modify, reset or revert back the last saved eye drawing.

optometry shop module

optometry shop module

Delete Job Sheet Image

Clicking “Delete Image” clears the image section, and to confirm deletion or update, the user must click “Save and Upload.”

optometry shop module

optometry shop module

Add New Job Sheet

When add new job sheet, a customer search module will pop up to ask user to select customer.

optometry shop module

optometry shop module

Enhance Your Point-of-Sale Experience with an
Optical POS System for Your PC!

Optical BMO POS system comes bundled packed with features that will meet your business need. The general POS system added with the unique features of Job sheets, Attachment, Multiple Options with add-ons, Pickup Date & Warranty Date Alert, Promotional Items, and Accept Deposit Payment can ensure your business run smoothly. More information on each of the feature listed below.

Sistem BMO POS Optik dari POSMarket adalah sistem POS yang penuh dengan ciri-ciri terkini bagi memudahkan perniagaan kedai optik anda. Penambahan kemudahan seperti kertas kerja, lampiran,pilihan pelbagai dengan tambahan, kemaskini tarikh & jaminan, promosi, dan bayaran deposit diterima kesemuanya dapat memastikan perniagaan anda berjalan dengan lancar. Maklumat lanjut mengenai setiap ciri yang disenaraikan adalah seperti di bawah.

pos system optical promotion

Promotion Item

Using our POS system, you are allowed to set up a promotion period for the items in your optical store. When a customer purchase that item, the system will automatically charge the customer with a pre-defined promotion price.

pos system optical options

Multiple Options

In our POS system, an item can have multiple additional options attached to it. For example, a customer purchases a spectacle with add-ons such as transition lens, multi-coated lens, high-index lens, etc. Our POS system will help you record the customer various options add-ons for future references.

pos system optical deposit

Pay Deposit

It is a common practice whereby customers have to pay a certain amount of deposit for their spectacles before they make full payment of the receipt. Our POS system is capable of accepting such deposit transactions from customers. You can keep track of the receipt until the customer return to your store to collect their glasses and pay the remaining balance.

pos system optical attachment

Attachment for Optical Store

Our POS system‘s “Attachment” feature helps you to record customer information in the receipt for bookkeeping purposes. You can also print out the attachment info for your customer to keep as their references such as the customer’s previous eye vision readings or eye care requirements.

pos system optical dates

Pickup Date, Warranty Date, and Alert

Using BMO POS system for your optical store, you can set pick-up time and date for your customer to remind them and you when to pick up their glasses. Our POS system will alert you when the pick-up due date is nearby. Besides that, your optical store has the option to set the warranty date for customer’s glasses.

pos system optical jobsheet

Job Sheet

Our BMO POS system Job sheet for your optical store helps you to keep the eyes reading for every customer of yours for future references. Besides that, you can upload up to 4 photos of your customer’s eye diagnosis to the system. These records are easily accessible and are extremely useful when customers return to your store and require new spectacles.