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POS System Xpress Waiter Mobile Ordering – Android App

/POS System Xpress Waiter Mobile Ordering – Android App
POS System Xpress Waiter Mobile Ordering – Android App 2019-05-09T07:58:51+00:00

Xpress Waiter is a mobile food ordering mobile app specially designed to speed up your restaurant operations.

Waiter ordering: Waiter can be assigned to take order via a mobile device (tablet or mobile phone) that links to the kitchen.

You can see all of your orders from the kitchen as well as your POS terminal, providing a cost-effective solutions for restaurants who wish to introduce Mobile Food Ordering System to their customers.

It increases your restaurant efficiency by making sure all customers are attended during your store’s peak hour. Apart from that, you can also implement mobile ordering where your customers can install Xpress Waiter and make order before they arrived at your store.

Xpress Waiter is available for our existing customers. Contact us to buy now!

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Subscription Fees

RM1800 per branch
One Time Payment.
No Contract.

Download Android App

xpress waiter mobile ordering download google play store

Scan QR Code and Download!

xpress waiter mobile ordering pos system qr code

Requires Android : 2.3 and above

Food & Beverage Order Station

Xpress Waiter supports multiple categories of items

  • Make New Orders
    Xpress Waiter for POS System platform offers real time menu display in your mobile phone which connects directly to the restaurant’s POS client and kitchen. Your customers will be able to complete their order without involving restaurant waiters.
  • Append Orders
    Xpress Waiter is able to handle constant food item add-ons by customers anytime. All will be received by your restaurant POS system and kitchen. This will reduce waiting time tremendously.
  • Item Lists
    All items is sync real time from the restaurant POS system database. Only 4 steps are involved. Choose your item category. Then search for your desired item. Select that item and place an order. That’s all!
  • Print to Server
    The moment your customers press “Order”, the item receipt will be printed at the kitchen without going through your service crews.
  • Customer Lists
    Your customers will be able to insert their names when ordering to enjoy member discounts!
  • List and Check Customers
    Your customers are able to login to the Xpress Waiter Android app to check their Member Profile details when they are at your restaurant.
  • Supports Chinese Language
    POS Market POS System and Xpress Waiter Mobile Ordering is compatible with Chinese language. Your customers will be able to view the menu in Chinese and make order.

Lots more features coming in!