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POSMarket Kiosk Ordering System enables users to make purchases in-store without the help of any store staff. Malaysia ordering kiosk is designed to work in multiple scenarios such as Food Court, F&B restaurants, and Tabletop Order. Self-Ordering Kiosk invites customers to purchase more thru suggestive selling, without feeling the pressure of the queue behind them, providing all the necessary time to explore the digital menu and the offerings available before make the payment.

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BMO Kiosk Ordering System

  • 10 inches IPS Touch screen
  • WiFi Connection
  • Specialized for BMO POS System
  • Suitable for Canteen, Restaurant, Cafe
  • 80mm Printer
    • Low-noise
    • High-Speed printing
    • With auto-cutter


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Benefits for Restaurants

increase order capacity


Customers will enjoy having on-sales or hot meal of the day being presented while ordering

streamline operations


Create seamless operations for an exceptional customers dining experience

reduce congestion


POSMarket self-ordering kiosk reduces queue and long waiting lines at the cashier

self ordering kiosk

Call POSMarket today at 1 800 87 7061 to find out more about BMO POS F&B Ordering Kiosk

BMO Kiosk Ordering System Scenario 1

self kiosk scenario 2

Step 1: Customer place order using kiosk printer.
Step 2: Customer pay at the counter.
Step 3: Kitchen receives food order when customer done payment.
Step 4: Customer wait for the food to be served.

BMO Kiosk Ordering System Scenario 2

self kiosk scenario 1

Step 1: Customer places order using kiosk printer.
Step 2: Kiosk printer and kitchen printer will print out the order slip at the same time.
Step 3: Customer makes payment at the counter and pickup food.

Malaysia F&B Ordering Kiosk helps businesses create everyday use self-service solutions

self kiosk serve more customers

Serve More Customers

Restaurants can serve more customers in less time through our self-service kiosks. They allow businesses to serve customers both at the counter and the kiosk. This improves the restaurant’s capacity to receive orders, resulting in greater profit and a more efficient customer experience.

self kiosk brand promotion

Automation of Brand Promotion

Kiosks provide an opportunity to present a wider variety of promotions at one time.  Kiosks also automate the process, ensuring that customers are always offered with a promotion, which can be customized to their preferences when promotions are linked to their accounts. This increases the chances of the offer being accepted.

self kiosk reduce labor cost

Reduce Labor Costs

Malaysia Ordering Kiosk reduce labor costs and are generally very efficient when they’re up and running. The kiosks can take orders and accept payments without the need for any human help. This frees up your third worker to help out in the kitchen, so orders can be fulfilled faster and more accurately.

self kiosk customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and return rates boost when services are offered in a timely, efficient, and appropriate way. Kiosks can also be designed to make ordering easier for persons who might otherwise encounter problems, such as hearing impairment. This is also true for people who do not know or do not speak well the local language.