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  1. Create contacts and assign different account code


  1. Comprehensive contact information


Chart of Account

  1. Maintain complete chart of account
  2. Categorized chart of account


Journal Entries

  1. Manually record business transactions
  2. Searchable and easy to use


Bank Reconciliation

  1. Matching the balance in an entity’s accounting record


BMO POS Receipt to BMO Accounting

  1. Export and import POS receipt into cash book


Financial Statement

  1. Balance Sheets


  1. Income Statements


  1. Cash Flow Statements


  1. Submit the financial statements for accountant
  2. Whole general ledger can be exported


Cash Book

  1. A cash book is a subsidiary of the general ledger in which all cash transactions during a period are recorded



  1. Quotation is a document that a seller provides to a buyer to offer goods or services at a stated price, under specific conditions


Official Receipt

  1. Official receipt is issued by the seller to the buyer as written evidence on sales of service or product
  2. Official receipt is based on invoice issued to customers



  1. When you make payment to vendor, you complete the purchase to pay cycle. Typically, a payment voucher is issued as the evidence of payment
  2. Some of the payments are without invoice


Credit Note

  1. Credit note is provided to notify the customer that credit is being applied to their account for any number of reasons
  2. Credit note is a kind of negative invoice


Debit Note

  1. Debit note is a document issued by a seller to buyer to notify them about a debit to their account
  2. Debit note is a kind of added value to invoice


Vendor Invoice

  1. Vendor invoice is issued by the vendor to buyer. It is entered into the system and schedule to make payment to vendor



  1. VAT & SST is ready in the system, it can be activated easily


Purchase Order

  1. Purchase order is a document generated by the buyer and serves the purpose of ordering goods from the supplier


Delivery Order

  1. Delivery order is a document that can be issued when the product is delivering to customers



  1. Open invoice to bill a customer
  2. Inventory items with options
  3. Customizable layout


Submit Info to Accountant

  1. Many companies outsourced the bookkeeping to third party
  2. In that case, you can export the invoices to your bookkeeper


General Ledger

  1. Generate General Ledger



  1. Manage inventory efficiently


If you have any special requirements for the BMO Point of Sales System, please do not hesitate to contact us and share it with us. We are not only selling the POS software but we are also the developer of the POS software and hardware.

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POS Market POS System is designed to adapt to your business needs. Our Point of sales system ensures fast and easy transactions for your customers to keep them returning to your store or restaurant.

POS Market is a perfect solution to manage your products in inventory and easily make transactions. POS Market provides POS System for various businesses.

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BMO POS System Supported Businesses


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What Type of Business Are You Running?

As the leading POS provider, we have the perfect system and module for various types of business.
Point of Sales System (POS) for Businesses

IndustriesSmall Business TypesKey Functions
Barber Shop / Hair SalonCommon Franchise Shop, Independent ShopRecord appointments and hair packages for each client. To track stocks on hair products. To record employee hair wash commission.
Beauty SalonFacial and Skin Care Treatments, Waxing/Hair Removal Shop, Pedicure and Manicure ServicesTo record employee facial service commissions and to manage appointments, slot booking, and client contacts.
BookstoreBookstore Chain, Independent BookstoresISBNs, author database, with barcode scanner, book pre-order, book reading event QR attendance.
Car WashCar Polish, Car Cleaning ServicesMembership for clients and vehicle items inventory. VIP Customer Service History Record.
Car WorkshopCar accessories, Car servicing, Car paintingTo record vehicle information, track vehicle service date, and vehicle item inventory. Seasonal tire or car part items discount.
Clothing StoreHigh End Fashion Boutiques, Designer Boutiques, Casual Clothing Brand, Sports Clothing Store, OutletsClothing Inventory list, barcode scanner, membership and payments.
ClubsClub house, Private ClubsDrinks ingredient report, inventory list to track the movement of stocks ensuring stock is available and fresh. Membership system and seasonal promotion menu item.
Entertainment OutletsChildren indoor playground, Fun Fair, Karaoke Able to provide Digital Locker to keep belongings during the fun and reminding customers for the uncollected item, Create Serial and Common Vouchers, Deposits and attached information will be printed on wristbands.
F&BFast Food, Milk Tea Shops, BBQ Shop, Cafe, Various Cuisines, Steamboat, Burger Stall, Food TtruckCreating ala carte, set lunch & set dinner menu, sending order to kitchen printers and conduct payments. Food and beverages ingredient report.
F&B Order StationFast Food, Milk Tea Shops, BBQ Shop, Cafe, Various Cuisines, Steamboat, Burger Stall, Food TruckMultiple order stations almost everywhere for waiters/waitress.
Fresh Market Meat, Seafood, Vegetables, Poultry, FishWeight machine with barcode printer, direct weight to the payment transaction.
Fitness CentersGym, Aerobic Centers, Yoga Centers, Dance Centers, Pilates Centers, Athletic Clubs To manage client’s gym annual memberships and trainer training schedule sessions available.
Insurance Agency Car Insurance, Motor Insurance, Medical insurance, Life insurance Record client’s contact and types of insurance plan, insurance premium payment due reminder.
Jewellery StoreGold, Crystal, and Silver Store, Charm Bracelet Store Promotion item, customer records, membership category and deposits.
LaundryHotel Laundry, Kedai DobiWeight machine, weight-based payment transaction, pick up date & time. Barcode scanner and printer for easy tracking of laundry packages.
Mobile Phone StoreMobile Phone Repair, Mobile Phone Accessories, Mobile Case Store/Kiosk Inventory list to keep track of mobile phones and tablets, Top-up feature.
Mobile POSChicken Rice Stall, Burger Stall, Coffee Shops, Hawker Stalls, Food Truck Work with tablets.
OpticalOptical Chain Store, Independent Optical Store, Sunglasses Store, Optical Clinic Job sheets to record diagnostic history and customer’s contact.
PharmacySpecialized Pharmacies, Stand-alone Pharmacies, Generic Pharmacies To record drug expiry date and monitoring drug stock level with a barcode scanner and barcode printer.
RetailMini Market, Pet Store, Electrical Shop, Hardware Store, Furniture Store, Barcode scanner, manufacturer scanner, inventory list, promotional item, and membership category.
Tuition CentreDay Care Tuition Center, QR Attendance, Managing and grouping of contacts, key in Service History of respective students, SMS updates to parents.

BMO POS System Packages

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