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Looking for a Car Wash POS Solution with the full accounting, SST invoicing, and SST receipts system? We have the most comprehensive Car Wash Point-of-Sales system widely used in Car Detailing & Car Wash business.

Our POS Market POS System is an essential tool for all car wash and car detailing businesses. The full-featured POS System allows your car wash business plan scale-up at any time with auto detailing invoices, car wash management software, and even a monthly car wash membership function.

The car wash membership system will help allow you to set VIP Car Wash options for your loyal customers, increasing sales and customer experience through membership discounts, promotional coupons, and even deposit options.

Our POS Market POS System Car Wash modules work perfectly for car wash business, premium car detailing business and so much more. The features in our Car Wash POS System can systematically plan your schedule with service reminders and customer record tracking.

You can enhance profitability easily with the POS inventory control feature that helps record tangible products that you can upsell to your car wash customers. Besides client management, you can also make sure your shop is on top of its game with the POS Employee Management system and a great commissions module to encourage your staff to work harder and serve your customers better.

Grow your car wash business in no time with our Car Wash POS System.

All in One Touch Screen POS Terminal

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New! SMS Notification to your customer directly via POS Terminal.
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If your outlet needs more than one POS terminal, you will need to use the client and server setup or the cloud-based setup. Other than that all the features are the same.

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pos system inventory control

Inventory Control

BMO Point of Sales System includes a product/services recording system. You can define car wash as services without stock control. In addition to that, you can also record tangible products such as MaxSilin Super Clean Car Shampoo and upsell them to your customers.

pos system membership

Membership Discount

Your car wash customers can enjoy more benefits from the car wash membership features which associate the contact and promotions marketing in the POS System. Customers can enjoy benefits such as discounts or free car wash services which will greatly attract customers and eventually increase sales.


Customer Tracking

BMO POS System can assist your staff in recording and keeping track of customer details in a centralized database. Besides basic customer details, extra information can be added in the remarks section to enhance the car wash service to the customers. This can be in the form of service reminders for your customer’s vehicles.

pos system car wash bulk sms

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS services are integrated with contacts in the POS System. You can easily send information to multiple contacts. You are also able to notify specific customers for any new promotions that will attract them.


Employee Management

When your car wash business expands, BMO POS System is readily integrated with the employee management system to help you. In addition to that, the commissions’ module will encourage your employee to work harder and serve more customers for the company. Your HR will be able to trace employee attendance and enhance HR management efficiency.


Vouchers and Coupons

With BMO POS system, your car wash business will be more flexible when offering various payment methods to customers such as credit cards or cash transactions. Besides that, the point of sales system accepts vouchers and coupons as a form of payment method too besides setting deposit payment features for bigger detailing jobs.


Car Servicing Set Packages

Our Pos System also can provide the set functions. For example; a Car Wash Set Promotion that includes washing and waxing services. This feature provides flexible changes that can be made by the customers and in turn, gives them a better car wash service experience.



BMO Car Wash Management System provides functions to render reports and enable you to keep track of your car wash business sales. Different reports will give you a clearer view of your car wash operations and view profit reports without manually calculating. Indirectly increase the efficiency of the business flow.

POS System for Car Wash


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