What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 250250?

  1. Barcode scanning
  • Able to scan barcode for the set item
  1. Kitchen Queue
  • Multiple Kitchen Category
  • Able to grey out the voided receipt
  • Able display the multiple category
  1. Online Voucher
  1. Inventory
  • Add/Edit Item
    • Able add Tax code
    • Able set Item promotion discount  to 1000
    • Able set discount in the decimal
  • Item Category
    • Able delete category
  1. Receipt 
  • In split screen mode , Able to set the company name(header) on the fly
  1. Payment
  • Able to add payment type(card) manually
  1. Contact
  • Search contact with CRM source and contact group
  1. Attendance Clock / E- leave
  • Add calendar
  • Able to show a message box when current time not tally with internet
  1. Express Waiter
  • Can have the bigger category
  • Able to select the table no

Bug Fixed

  1. E-learn bug fix.
  2. Dummy cash error fix