What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 250248?

  1. Login
  • Able to select the initial login BizCloud Sub Module in login page
  1. Display
  • In split screen mode , round off label become bigger
  1. Kitchen Queue
  • Able to hide discount and price
  1. FTP upload report
  • Zip and upload file ftp
  1. Printing Barcode
  • Left margin can change from 1px (minimum) , 10 px as default
  1. Receipt list
  • Able to show Pax No.
  • Able view the payment history .For example multiple partial payment.
  1. Setting
  • Add different scroll bar option size.
  • Able Change header on fly
  • Payment Option
    • Able to change the credit card and bank option
  1. Report
  • Add new reorder level report
  1. Attendance Clock / E- leave
  • standalone attendance application for POS


Bug Fixed

  1. Error multiple activation serial number fixed.
  2. Hide column from any column in the receipt list.
  3. Weekly email settle


  1. Login display become faster.