POS Market team’s main goal in creating online POS system and offline POS terminal is to support your store’s sales operation. Getting an update of your branch stock or making an inventory spot check will be a breeze. To make this happen, you have to make sure your POS settings is done correctly.

Below is a guide on configuring your offline POS terminal.

**Note: You may refer to the terms in the table below.

1. You may refer to the screenshot below when you start configuring your offline POS terminal. Some information is vital and it needs to be keyed into the system before we start to use POS Market’s Offline POS System. Click “Apply” after you have finished filling in the settings form.

Setting folderDefault is C:\BMO
Database folderDefault is C:\BMO, for multi-stations, this folder will be the centralized database folder
Company IDThe company ID can be found from online BMO system.
Login to your own BMO account → Admin → Company ID.
Company CodeCompany code is the code that user use to login to BMO Offline Pos.
(refer to Illustration 7 and 8 below).
Admin UsernameKey in the initial registered admin username here.
Admin PasswordKey in the admin password here.
Branch IDThe ID for the branch which is currently using this system.
Login to your own BMO account → Admin → Branches → Branch List.
(refer to Illustration 4 → 6 below).
Next Receipt No
The next number on the receipt.
PrefixThe prefix of the receipt
API Key**The API key can be found from online BMO system.
Login to your own BMO Account → Admin → Company Info
(refer to Illustration 7 and 8 below).
CurrencyCurrency for transaction which will be shown in stand display
Receipt Tab
Receipt SettingDefine how the receipt send to customers, by printer, SMS or both. If SMS, you will need internet and http://isms.com.my account.
Receipt HeaderShows company details such as company name, address, phone number etc in receipt heading. Details should be set at online account.
Receipt DetailShows details of an item such as unit, manufacturing code etc.
Group Same ItemIf this option is chosen, when the items are identical, it will be grouped together which add up to the quantity.
Single Item Only Each item will be displayed one line in receipt.
Receipt FooterShows payment related information such as total, discount, tax, etc.
Receipt ContactSelect which customer contact details to be shown
Price Before Discount Show price before discount in receipt
Price After DiscountShow price after discount in receipt
Split/Combine receipt Do or don't print after split or combine receipt.
Receipt LayoutChoose to print either in 80mm or A4 size receipt.
HeaderYou can adjust the header display to the left, center or right.
Receipt HeaderDefine custom header for the receipt. You can choose a logo or letterhead for your receipt here.
Use ImageTick on it to use the image as receipt header.
Use HeaderIf ticked, the receipt will show this customized header text.
Receipt FooterThe text that you want to display on the footer of receipt. Terms can conditions can be inserted here.
Footer at print item You can choose to print the footer together with items as well.
Footer at receiptIf you want to show or hide footer at receipt.
General Tab
Printer Group
Order PrintWhen make an order, the system will print the receipt automatically.
Receipt with BarcodePrint receipt barcode on the receipt
Print item separatelyIf ticked, system will print out the receipt and items separately in two paper.
Print Appended ItemEnable this option will allow the system to print only recently added item in a specific receipt.
Item List with BarcodeAttach the barcode of the receipt number when print the item receipt.
Font sizeFont size for receipt
Receipt PrinterDefine which printer for receipt printing
Item PrinterDefine which printer for item printing. It can be separated printer.
Sometimes, the printer can be located in the kitchen.
2nd Item PrinterUnder some circumstances, you may need extra item printer.
CopySelect the number of copies you want to print for each individual printer
Barcode PrinterDefine the default barcode printer. POS client is capable of working with most windows based barcode printers.
Report PrinterDefine the report printer. Normally the report needs A4 printer due to large amount of data.
Cut Item CategoryIf there are needs to separate items according to category and print it in different paper, select this option.
Item Font SizeThe font size set for item printer.
Login Setting Num PadUse Num Pad to login to offline POS Terminal
NoneNo other login setting on screen to key in data. Use keyboard to insert data.
Virtual KeyboardUse Virtual Keyboard on screen to login to offline POS terminal
Hide other Windows application and only run offline POS Terminal
WindowUse all Windows application as usual while offline POS terminal is opened
Item Image Synchronization AutoAuto download picture via online
ManualUser downloads picture via online manually
NoneNo downloaded picture
Must Enter Table NoEvery transaction must key in table number first before making any order.
Receipt Print CopyThe number of receipt copies you want to print out for every transaction. "0" means no receipt will be printed.
Receipt FooterFooter show at the end of the receipt
Receipt Setting PrinterPrint receipt via printer
SMSPrint receipt via SMS
Printer + SMSPrint receipt via printer and SMS
Print Item SeparatelyTick if you want to print order receipt (print item only without price)
Receipt PrinterSelect printer to print receipt
Item PrinterSelect printer to print order list
(item only without price)
Dual ScreenTick to show dual screen
Screen Image/VideoPicture and video you need to put on the dual screen. For video, it can only support .wmv format.
Enable Stand DisplayTick if you want to enable your stand display
PortThe port number for the stand display, eg: COM25
BaudBaud rate for the stand display. The standard baud rate for stand display is 9600. However if your model is different, please change it and inform us.
Character per lineTotal number of characters per line in stand display
Line 1, Line 2The words to be shown on stand display
Cash Drawer Trigger Group
Auto Open Cash
Tick to enable cash drawer open automatically after printing receipt.
Enable Cash Drawer
By default, the cash drawer is connected to the printer. Once the printing job is started, the cash drawer will open (based on printer setting). However, by installing a cash drawer trigger, you can trigger the cash drawer separately.
PortSelect the port used by cash drawer trigger.
BaudBy default it is 9600, please set it to 9600.
Overall Service Charge Control
Srvc Charge Control
Control service charge online.
Service charge
It enables service charge feature on this POS.
Charge TypeIt can be percentage or amount, inclusive or exclusive.
Charge AmountSet the value or amount to be charged.
Overall Tax (GST) Control
Tax Control OnlineControl Tax value online
Tax EnableIt enables the tax feature on this POS
Tax TypeIt can be percentage or amount, inclusive or exclusive
Tax AmountSet the value or amount to be charged.
Category Printer Setting
Item Categoryselect the category that going to apply the cut option
Printerspecific whcih printer the selected category's item will be printed at.
No of copiesdefine the number of copy of the item receipt will be printed.
Item Image Synchronization
AutoAutomatically sync all images with online account
ManualManually upload or download an image via inventory window
NoneDon't sync
Display Tab
Dual ScreenTo enable dual monitor system.
Screen Image/VideoBrowse image/video for second screen
Enable Stand DisplayEnable the pole display which is for customer viewing
Port Choose the correct port
BaudBy default, it is 9600, please set it accordingly
Characters per lineThe numbers of characters per line to be displayed.
Line 1 & line 2The default welcoming message to show at the stand display.
Enable Stand display
Enable it if you need 2 stand display. Normally you will need to use two different drivers and manufacturers for two stand display to prevent driver crashed.
PortSelect the correct port
BaudBy default, it is 9600, please set it accordingly.
Characters per lineThe numbers of characters per line to be displayed.
Reset LayoutThe POS main screen remembers the last location. If you happen to change the monitors, location or etc, please reset the layout to bring back the POS screen.
Second screen size group
1024 * 768 Your desktop size is 1024 * 768
1366 * 768Your desktop size is 1366 * 768
Max windowSet the default windows size
SMS/Mail tab
SMS HeaderHeader of your SMS
iSMS Group
ISMS Credit AvailableCurrent credits available to send SMS through iSMS
Username Username for login to ISMS account
PasswordPassword for login to ISMS account
Airtime Reload Group
Airtime Reload Credit Available
Enable Airtime Reload
Email Group
Use SSLDetermine whether the email will be generated using SSL protocol or not.
SMTP HostSMTP server allows you to access, you have to define which email that The system can accessed to generated email such as gmail ang hotmail.
SMTP UsernameThe email address that will be used to generate report.
SMTP PasswordThe written email address's password.
Select ReportDecide which report will be generated to the select email
Report PeriodGenerate the selected report daily (the report on the same day or previous day) or weekly.
Date and Time to send the reportsDefine when will the reports generated to the entered email address.
To, CC or BCCSpecific receiver of the email report.
Interface Tab
POS Interface
ListShows the item in list form
ButtonShows item in button form
Button ImageEnable image display inside button.
Login Alternative Group
Finger Print LoginUse fingerprint reader to login to system. Please remember to install the URU driver from http://posmarket.com.my
Username LoginUse default way to login, based on username and password
Magnetic Card LoginUse magnetic card to login. This need card reader
Attendance Group
Capture AttendanceTo track the employee attendance. The data can be view from human
resource management login.
Generate Receipt Method
Order ButtonTo order item before make payment
Cash ButtonNormal transaction in cash
Other ButtonTo enable or disable the button
Log out without transaction Tab
Until log outSystem won't log automatically log out until user manually log out
1 hourLog out every 1 hour without transaction.
30 minutesLog out every 30 minutes without transaction.
15 minutesLog out every 15 minutes without transaction.
5 minutesLog out every 5 minutes without transaction.
Every transactionLog out every transactions.
Every PaymentLog out after every payment.
Screen Size Tab
1024 * 768For small screen, or typical touch screen size
1366 * 768 For bigger screen, LCD or laptop
Max Window By default maximize the POS main screen
Alert Group
Auto Pop Up Alert When LoginEnable this feature will make the alert message list to pop up first
before user get into System.
Show transaction formEnable this checkbox will allow the system to pop up the transaction detail after every POS transaction done.
Layout Theme Group
Select ThemeSpecific which set of images will be used in layout form when setup the table and counter.
Discount ButtonsDefine the calculator button that used in discount form.
Payment ButtonsDefine the calculator button that used in POS payment interface.
Conditions Tab
Auto Discount Group
Enable For MembersEnable the auto discount feature for members contact.
Enable For Non-MembersEnable the auto discount feature for all non members contact.
AmountThe amount of discount that will be given.
Discount TypeThe type of discount given , either in value or percentage.
Minimum Quantity Conditions Group
All Items Follow New PriceCheck this to make the selected item to change to new price if the quantity exceed the minimum quantity value set.
Only Item That Reached MinimumCheck this to make 1 of item to follow the new price instead of all items when exceed the minimum quantity value.
Alert Group
Alert when selling price less than costCheck this if you want the system to prompt a confirmation message when the price of new item that going to enter to system is less than cost.
Inventory Group
Loose Item Name ControlAllow user to change the item name if the item doesn't involved in any transaction.
Strict Item Name ControlThe item name cannot be changed after the item is created and save into system.
Allow Partial Redemption
Set Redemption Expiry PeriodEnable the redemption value to be resetted after a certain duration.
Receipt Attached Tags
Able to Attach After Fully PaidAllow you to update the attachment of the receipt even after the receipt is fully paid
Daily End Hour Group
Force Daily End Hourreset the daily time end at the defined time.
Start Of Week Group
DateSet the day that serve as start of every week
Order Tab
Must Enter Table NoForce user to enter the table number when making any POS transaction
UsernameEnter the user name to reload the PIN
PasswordSpecific the password for the username entered
Magnetic Card Tab
Header to skipSpecific how many character to skipped in a scanned magnetic card
SpliterDefine the spliter to seperate the string scanned from card
Footer to skipspecific the character to skipped in the end.
Column (Username, Password, Name or Membership No)Example result of username, password, name and membership No after apply the skip setting.
Test StringEnter the sample string from scanned magnetic card to test what the result will be display in column
Use this for membership settingOnly apply this setting when the customer is with membership status
Backup Tab
Auto backupAuto backup the database after every login.
Copy DataCopy the database to specific destination.
Backup NowBackup the current database when click on this button
Save AsSave the selected backup list to computer.
Restore BackupRestore the system database with the selected based from the list
Fix Database CorruptRepair the selected database, this function only work when there is dbtools in computer.
VacuumReindex the database
Weight Tab
EnableEnable the system to use the connected RS232 weighting machine
PortThe port of the weighting machine connected to
BaudBy default, it is 9600, please set it accordingly
Data bitsDetermine data bits value in the connection
Stop bitsDefine the Stop bit data
ParitySet the parity of RS232 either in odd, even, mark or space
Flow ControlSet the flow Control of the RS232 either in Xon/Xof, RTS/CTS or DSR/DTR
Header to skipspecific the header information that going to be ignored
Login Tab
LocationSet a default location for the POS terminal.
LocationRefresh the branch location
WindowDisplay in Windows mode
KioskDisplay in Kiosk mode
Human Resource Management ClientThe module that focus on manage the employee information and permission
Inventory ManagementThe module that focus on control the inventory storage
Point Of Sales ClientModule that allow user to manage all POS transaction and many other feature such as appointment, membership and inventory
Item Scanner KioskUsed to scanned the item barcode that match to the item in inventory database
Attendance ClockAllow employee to check in / out with this module
Queue ManagerThis module will display all the receipt made (on the particular day) in a list that can be used to displayed on screen
Queue DisplayDisplay only the Receipt number that generate from Queue Manager
Digital Clock FormatSet the system time either in 24H format or AM/PM format
Counter NameSet the name for the Queue manager
Update FrequencyDefine how frequent will the queue manager update the receipt list.
Surveillance Tab
Camera 1 & 2Set the camera that will be used in POS system
Auto On CameraCheck this to enable the camera when login to POS
Keep Data forSpecify the duration to store the camera data
Stream OnlineCheck this will enable the system to synchronize the camera to online POS for every certain period.

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2. An “Initial Sync” pop up will be prompted and syncing will begin. Click “OK”. After a while, another pop up will be prompted to request you to restart the offline POS terminal application to apply the changes on new downloaded settings.

Please click on image to view clearer.
Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 2

Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 3

3. Login to your own BMO account to retrieve your “Company ID” and “Branch ID” .

Please click on image to view clearer.
Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 4

4. Go to Admin > Branches and click on “Branch List”.

Please click on image to view clearer.
Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 5

5. Your branch ID will be clearly listed under the Branch ID column as illustrated below.

Please click on image to view clearer.
Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 6

6. To get API key and company code, go to Admin > Company Info.

Please click on image to view clearer.
Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 7

7. Copy and paste the API key into the “API Key” field.

Please click on image to view clearer.
Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 8

8. To find POS Terminal Stand display’s port number, please follow steps as shown in Illustration 9, 10 and 11.

Please click on image to view clearer.
Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 9

Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 10

Offline POS Terminal Configure Settings 11