What’s new in BizCloud offline POS client version 300189?

  1. New
  • add: with title bar removed, an transparent close button has been added on the bottom left
  • add: added transparent windows key button on the top left in queue number when in kiosk mode
  • add: remark in quotation details now allows multiline
  • add: windows size of shop table layout is now saved
  • add: new invoice can now add items without closing
  • add: new vehicle can now be added while creating invoice
  • add: vendor items report can now be emailed to respective vendors
  • add: width of category dropdown in edit item increase to fit environments with many subcategories
  • add: added redeem balance display at second monitor
  • add: added setting to allow selected contact to by pass limit on RFID allowed time
  • add: added item description in error message when option is compulsory
  • add: a preview of actual value of redemption points added beside redemption points if ratio is set
  • add: redemption valued earned and used added into datatable of receipt designer
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed problem importing pos extended data from cloud
  • bug fix: fixed problem duplicating buttons in queue number when in kiosk mode
  • bug fix: fixed legacy receipt footer barcode setting
  • bug fix: fixed adjustments that allow system to adjust deactivated serials
  • bug fix: manual adjusting items to deduct quantity now records positive costs
  • bug fix: manual deactivating and activating serial now records costs
  • bug fix: fixed an error when clicking status change in queue manager
  • bug fix: moved pos extra download to sync receipt to avoid large data download error
  • bug fix: fixed problem printing receipt when making payments with shortcut button in payment details window
  • bug fix: fixed problem filtering item list by vendor in inventory list
  • bug fix: warranty date and service date removed due to duplicate in report design
  • bug fix: fixed report buttons for case list
  • bug fix: fixed edit case button in edit contact
  • bug fix: redemption ratio is now added in to calculation when calculating redemption limit in percentage
  1. Feature Update
  • feature update: removed title bar of queue number when in kiosk mode