What’s new in BizCloud offline POS client version 300187?

  1. New
  • add: added a calculator to convert carat into kg when editing item
  • add: added a setting to block users from editing prepaid amount
  • add: added minimum receipt sales before allowing user to pay with prepaid or redemption point
  • add: added workmanship and weight for report designer
  • add: collapsed edit groups in edit item are now saved between sessions
  • add: added setting to include tax in sales in z-report
  • add: added setting to include prepaid and redemption into collected amount in z-report
  • add: added setting to fill barcode printing quantity based on on hand and last receive quantity
  • add: in addition to disabling column chooser, disabling the permission now also prevents columns from being removed
  • add: item options now allow more than one defaults
  • add: added options limit at option category level
  • add: item unit added into kitchen printer designer
  • add: added customer locker expiry date, locker number and remark into report designer for receipt
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed problem recording petty cash in MySQL version if prepaid and cash are paid together
  • bug fix: fixed problem downloading photo from cloud in vehicle
  • bug fix: fixed problem where contact dropdown always auto select a value after inputting only 1 letter
  • bug fix: increased affiliate amount allowed
  • bug fix: inactive items filtered out when adding new items into new purchase order
  • bug fix: new contact and new vehicle can now be saved together
  • bug fix: fixed problem setting default options in items
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that does not add default options price when item is added
  • bug fix: fixed an error when generating receipt with negative value for new report designer
  • bug fix: fixed problem displaying image in POS main screen item list
  • bug fix: fixed incorrect data in queue current number when printing
  • bug fix: fixed when setting printer in queue manager windows that closes automatically
  • bug fix: fixed a bug where difference of item quantity is printed instead of full quantity when printing full item list after increasing item quantity in a receipt
  • bug fix: permission for payment history applied to POS main screen
  1. Feature Update
  • feature update: improved loading time of contact list