What’s new in BizCloud offline POS client version 300152?

  1. New
  • add: added new settings that enable clear order list each time a
    the different table is selected
  • add: added a button for the user to manually expand all set items
  • add: added function to allow all alerts to be emailed to the admin
  • add: added function to auto clear order list when a different table is
  • add: referrer added into receipt design
  • add: layout 2 in queue manager updated with a checkbox for bulk update and
    queue number
  • add: layout of the barcode in barcode printer can now be designed in report
  • add: added option to turn off message prompt for credit card
  1. Feature Updates
  • feature update: fingerprint driver can now be omitted from installation
    in attendance clock
  • feature update: default attendance station type can now be reset to empty
  1. Bug Fix
  • bugfix: fixed an error when previewing report Receipt by All Payment
    Types with Details
  • bugfix: fixed a problem that causes option price to stack up when
    changing quantity
  • bugfix: fixed error where price is selected from larger quantity
    automatically instead of from lesser
  • bugfix: fixed problem disabling initial login choices
  • bugfix: fixed problem uploading receipts when there are too many
  • bugfix: fixed problem with set item display problem when too many set
    items are added
  • bugfix: improved the speed set items are added by not automatically
  • bugfix: fixed problem deleting dummy receipt in CS version
  • bugfix: fixed a problem that causes all set items deleted although only
    1 is intended
  • bugfix: fixed problem updating price of the item though the amount
  • bugfix: fixed a problem that causes a crash during split pay
  • bugfix: fixed a problem where the quantity of the set item is not updated along
    with its main item
  • bugfix: fixed a problem where the previous order list is not cleared when
    selecting a new table with an appointment
  • bugfix: fixed an error when attempting to reopen a receipt that
    contains disabled item
  • bugfix: fixed an error when adding price to item with no price
  • bugfix: fixed a bug to prevent the system from re-uploading receipts that
    have already been uploaded
  • bugfix: added check at close shift so ensure pdf save directory exists
    after a user accidentally deleted the directory