What’s new in BizCloud offline POS client version 300112?

  1. New
  • add: receive cost can now be edited along with description added in last patch
  • add: item options and item option categories can now be exported and imported using csv
  • add: item options can now be imported while importing items and exported together with item list
  • add: permission to allow delete alert added
  • add: date creation time and void time added void reports
  • add: order kiosk adapted to new interface
  • add: custom designed receipts has been added
  • add: added new report for manually adjusted customer prepaid only
  • add: added mall upload option for TEQ Solutions
  • add: added F & B, retail and order kiosk preset interface to choose from
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed problem access stock issue and request from inventory
  • bug fix: fixed an error when accessing stock count
  • bug fix: fixed an error when printing multiple barcode with quantity specified
  • bug fix: fixed problem hiding empty sub category automatically
  • bug fix: fixed an error when deleting receipt in CS version
  • bug fix: pressing “enter” button at tendered field should now correctly triggers payment
  • bug fix: fixed problem losing setting of item options after restart
  • bug fix: fixed problem loading item options when there are too many options
  • bug fix: fixed error editing items in CS version
  • bug fix: fixed an error when printing reports for contact locker
  • bug fix: fixed item export window display issue
  • bug fix: fixed missing reprint number when double clicking preview receipt
  • bug fix: fixed an error when loading PO list with empty status
  • bug fix: new item page brought up from main screen now allows edit physical check option
  • bug fix: fixed an error when setting promotion item with 0 price
  • bug fix: fixed incorrect variable set when opening job list
  • bug fix: fixed problem filtering attendance list by admin
  • bug fix: fixed an error when attempting to print attendance list
  1. Feature Update
  • feature update: stock count updated to new interface and allows print by selected item
  • feature update: improved redemption expiry method to check everyday instead of on fixed date
  • feature update: item sticker layout can now be designed