What’s new in BMO offline POS client version 250245?

  1. Attendance
  • Finger print – direct take from online date time
  • Attendance use internet timing
  1. Printing
  • Can change table number and can set either print the new order and not print
  • click “Edit” not print
  • click “Order” to print
  • When print A4 type receipt ,the cash statement show is nett (not round off)
  • Hide the set name when print item list (Receipt layout setting)
  1. Inventory/stock
  • Series expired function for per serial items
  • series control need check in edit items
  • Change set name and add set item on fly
  1. Table Layout
  • Can set icon size (128×64) and (64×64) (Layout setting)
  1. Report option – add
  • status report (dinning in/take away/none)
  • item order report by quantity
  1. Setting
  • Key Board short cut
  • Address bar show item /category (in split screen mode)
  • Can hide transaction page when make transaction–(Alert setting)
  • Can hide remark
  • Can hide button (Operation/split)
  1. Online BMO – E leave weekly (setting)
  • Update Receipt.
  • can update receipt without change date