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Installation of SQLite Framework


Why SQLite Framework

Application such as BMO's Offline POS Terminal requires to store a lot data in order to be fully functional. SQLite would be able to provide BMO's Offline POS Terminal a direct access to the local database files and perform well in low memory environment. Thus it is ideal framework for a serverless environment.

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Download SQLite Framework from

1. Go to POS Market Download Page. Click Downloads at the top navigation menu. Under POS Drivers, choose SQLite Framework 4.0 on whether your OS is 32bits or 64bits and click Download. Save the file.

Illustration 1:Click download

Installation Process

The pictures are shown below to guide you on how to install SQLite Framework.

Click Run. Then click Next Illustration 2 to Illustration 6. At Illustration 7, click Install. Finally, uncheck view readme.htm before clicking Finish.

The SQLite Framework installation is complete.


You may now start installing BMO POS Client. Please refer to How to Install BMO POS Client.