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BMO POS System allows you to set alerts. This is one of the best features in our POS system due to its powerful inventory tracking systems. When it is time to reorder for your inventory, it will provide you the notification alert which makes the reordering process easier and more efficient. In the other words, when an inventory item reaches a predefined level, a notification will display to keep you alert so that you will know when to reorder the item.

How to Create Inventory Re-order Alert

1. First, log in to the POS Terminal.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. On the top menu bar, click on "Inventory" button and select "Inventory List".

Illustration 2: Navigation To Inventory Window

3. In "Inventory" window, select item which you want to create re-order alert and click on the Edit Item button.

Illustration 3: Navigation To Create Re-Order Alert

4. Under "Item Info" section, insert re-order number and click on the Save button.

Illustration 4: Set And Save Re-Order Level

5. When the on hand quantity hit at the re-order level set, then an alert will be generated.

Illustration 5: Re-Order Level Alert

6. Click the Alert button to view the details.

Illustration 6: Re-order Alert Details

How to Set Alert When Selling Price is Below Cost

1. Login to your POS Client by filling in your login details and click "Login".

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. Then, click on the "System" tab and go to "Inventory Setting".

Illustration 2: Inventory Setting

3. Tick the "Alert when the selling price less than cost" and click "Save" as shown in in the screenshot.

Illustration 3: Price Selling Alert

4. Select on "Inventory" tab and go to "Inventory List".

Illustration 4: Inventory List

5. Click "Edit Item" to edit an item.

Illustration 5: Edit Item

6. Make sure enter a cost and tick the "Price Changable".

Illustration 6: Cost and Price Changable

7. Click "Save" to apply the setting.

Illustration 7: Save Edit Item Setting

8. Select the item which has set the cost early.

Illustration 8: Select Item

9. Click on the "Price" the change the price.

Illustration 9: Change "Price"

10. Change the price to lower than the cost.

Illustration 10: Change "Price" lower than "Cost"

11. Click "OK" with the change price confirmation box.

Illustration 11: Price Change Confirmation

12. The message box will then prompt out message with "The item xxxx is selling lower than the cost."

Illustration 12: Price Lower Than Cost Message

Pending, Alert Pickup Date, Warranty Date, Service Date

Coming Soon

Pending, Alert Membership Expiry

Coming Soon

How to View, Read and Unread the Alert Message

1. Login to your POS Client by filling in your login details and click "Login".

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. Click on "Alert" button which is displayed on the top menu bar.

Illustration 2: View Alert

3. Then you can see there's one unread message which is highlighted in white background.

Illustration 3: View Alert

4. After viewing the alert message, you can click on "Read Next" button and the alert message will now be displayed in grey as shown in Ilustration 4.

Illustration 4: Read Next

5. In BMO POS System, you still can opt to "Unread" the message by clicking on the "Unread" button, just in case you need to show it as a new or unread message to other employees. This is to make sure that they can always be alerted with new messages which you think that they might need to take note of.

Illustration 5: Unread Alert Message