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Multiple Printers


Why Do You Need Multiple Printers

You can have multiple printers in different locations of your premise (especially food and beverage outlet) to print items order. Printing on multiple printers provides some kind of safety by making sure all related sections receives their orders. This way your store staff or restaurant waiters do not have to run between the kitchen and bar counter as well as avoid giving wrong orders.

Support Up to 10 Printers

BMO point of sales system supports up to 10 printers. For example, you can setup one thermal printer by the kitchen station, one by the bar station and another one at your payment counter.

Illustration 1:Multiple Printers

Receipt Printer

One thermal printer will be the receipt printer. All transactions made at your payment counter will trigger the printer to print out receipts.

Item Printer and 2nd Item Printer

The item orders for kitchen and bar counter can be set to specific thermal printers. BMO POS System supports up to 2 thermal printers for item printing purposes.

Barcode Printer

The final printer is for barcode printing purposes. You can connect any off the shelf barcode printer to your BMO POS Terminal and print your product items barcode.

How to Setup Multiple Printers?

Please refer to Thermal Printer Installation Guide for more information.

1. Login to the POS Terminal setting.

Illustration 1a: Login POS Client Setting
Illustration 1b: Authentication Login

2. Click on the "Printer" tab. Then, you will see there is a list of printers under the Printer section.

You may apply the steps on adding your printer to:

  • Receipt Printer
  • Item Printer
  • 2nd Item Printer
  • Barcode Printer

In order to connect to the appropriate printer, you have to click on the browse button as indicated in the Illustration 2.

Illustration 2:POS Client Setting

3. After that, a print window with a list of printers on your network will be prompted. Make sure all your thermal printers are connected to your POS station (CPU). Choose the printers displayed under Print section accordingly. For example, if you connect 80mm thermal printer to the POS station, it will display as POS80 printer.

Illustration 3:POS Printer Devices

Note: It is important to ensure that your printers are correctly connected in order to send the items to the specified printer.

Please refer to Thermal Printer Installation Guide for more information.