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Cash Transactions



A systematic cash management is crucial for business owners such as shop retailers and restaurant operators. It is a key feature required by your business to process all sales and keeps transaction records.

How to Make a Cash Transaction

To complete a sales transaction after the item is selected, you will choose the payment method.

If your customer makes the payment by cash and it is not an exact payment, you will need to enter the amount paid and click the Cash button.

Illustration 1: Not An Exact Cash transaction

If your customer makes an exact payment, you just need to click on the Exact button and the amount tendered will be automatically inserted into the POS system.

Illustration 2: Exact Cash Transaction

The transaction info window will then be prompted and lists out the transaction details which include discount, service charge, tax and etc. If the customer makes an advance payment, the system will help to calculate and return the exact change to your customer.

Illustration 3: Transaction Info


A receipt will be generated and printed out once the payment transaction is complete. At the same time, the petty cash amount will increase.

Illustration 1: Petty cash

Receipt Detail

BMO's POS system Receipt List function shows all the receipt that has been generated for your past transactions. You can review the list of receipts by clicking the Receipt button and select Receipt List. The details of a particular receipt will be shown when you select the receipt from the list.

Illustration 1: Receipt list

To preview the receipt that is printed, click the 80mm Previw or A4 Previw button and the window with the receipt layout will be prompted.

Illustration 2: 80mm Receipt Preview

Illustration 3: A4 Receipt Preview

From the receipt lists, you can export reports to CSV format which can be open by Microsoft Excel or Open Office. In the Receipt Window, click Reports button.

Illustration 4: Export Report - Navigation 1

Then, POS system will navigate you to Reports window. On the navigation bar, click General Reports and then click Export .

Illustration 5: Export Report - Navigation 2

Illustration 6: Example of report Export

Receipt Sample

Illustration 1: Sample printed receipt


You can also view your business profit according to day, month or year by clicking the Profit button under General reports in the Reports window.

Illustration 1: Profit Report - Navigation

Illustration 2: Profit Report

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