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Recurrence allow you to set recurrence of membership on item.

For example, when your customer purchases an item with a monthly cycle type, the system will update his/her membership to the status that you have set after a cycle.

Applicable for insurance fields, road tax renewal, change of engine oil date and membership.


How To Use Recurrence

Set Recurrence Of Membership On Item

1. First, log in to the POS Terminal.

Illustration 1: POS Terminal login

2. At the top navigation menu, click on "Inventory" and select "Inventory List".

Illustration 2: POS Item Category

3. In "Inventory" window, select an item which you wish to set as recurrence item and click on Edit Item button.

Illustration 3: Navigation To Recurrence Item Setting

4. Under "Recurrence" section of the item, insert recurrence details.

Illustration 4: Insert Recurrence Details

5. Click Save button to save the setting and details of the item.

Illustration 5: Save Item Setting And Details

6. A message box will pop out and ask for your update confirmation. Click OK to dismiss the message.

Illustration 6: Item Update Confirmation

7. Another message box will pop out and state that item updated. Click OK to dismiss the message.

Illustration 7: Item Updated

Selling Recurrence Item

1. In the main page of POS Terminal, select contact and recurrence item purchased by the customer.

Illustration 1: Insert Contact

2. "Item Info" window will pop out. Select start date and end date for the recurrence item.

Illustration 2: Insert Date For Recurrence Item

3. Click Order button to place order or select payment method to make payment for the item.

Illustration 3: Create Order

Illustration 4: Confirm Create order

Illustration 5: Make Payment

Illustration 6: Select Payment Type

Illustration 7: Transaction Info

Check Recurrence Details

1. In POS Terminal, click on Contact and select Contact List.

Illustration 1: Navigation To Contacts List

2. In "Contacts List" window, click on CRM and select Recurrence.

Illustration 2: Navigation To Recurrence Window

3. Click on the recurrence and the details of the recurrence will be shown.

Illustration 3: Recurrence Details