Human Resources Management System and HR outsourcing service for SMEs

BMO HRM System (e-Leave, Attendance, e-Claim, Payroll) is easy to set up. It works perfectly with all of our BMO Modules including POS System. We can help you get started with tutorials and a range of support options. Select a package and keep your human resources organized. You can

  1. Use it as standalone login terminal to login with fingerprint, magnetic access card, or password.
  2. Use it with your POS Terminal
  3. Manage your company HR activities with our built-in modules
  4. Outsource your monthly HR processing functions to us. We will handle it for you

BMO e-Leave multiple attendant

HRM System and attendance system devices
If your company comprises of multiple branches in different location, BMO attendance system is comprehensive for you to keep track of your employees’ leaves and work hours. Recorded data from all branches will be synced to the BMO Cloud System.
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Packages and Prices

Bundle 1

Basic Attendance System

attendance system bundle 1

  • BMO Attendance Software
  • RFID Card Reader
  • 10 inch Windows 10 Tablet
  • Tablet Locking Kit


one time payment

Bundle 2

Basic Attendance System

attendance system bundle 2

  • BMO Attendance Software
  • Fingerprint Scanner Device
  • 10 inch Windows 10 Tablet
  • Tablet Locking Kit


one time payment

All in One Attendance System

  • BMO Attendance Software
  • 10 inch Windows 10 Tablet
  • Fingerprint Scanner Device
  • RFID Card Reader
  • Control Box
  • Tablet Locking Kit
  • Door Access with Magnet
Control Box includes:

  • Box
  • Speaker
  • Relay Board
  • Plug
  • 10 Port USB Hub
  • Button

all in 1 attendance system


one time installation included

Monthly HRM Online Software

Web-based application software

• e-Leave
• e-Claim
• Payroll
• Attendance

RM250 / month for 50 Employees

Additional RM5 for each employee

Monthly HR Outsource

BMO HR outsourcing

• Manage your payroll
• Generate payslip
• Generate audit report

RM250 / month for 50 Employees

Additional RM10 for each employee

Attendance Terminal with Fingerprint Device Features and Advantages

work pattern

Set Up Employee Type

Our system will guide you through the setting up process for permanent employees, contract employees, unconfirmed employees, internship, part time employees with adjustable probation period, leave and claim.

employee type

Work Pattern

Work Pattern can be added or edited at any point of time. Define working pattern for each employee on either 3 days a week, 5-days week, shift or weekend basic with full customization.

Fingerprint Login

Fingerprint Login

Biometrics make it impossible to perform time theft and also used to prevent identity fraud. Moreover, administrator can also launch the application with fingerprint authentication.

implementing leave report

Multilevel Approval and Email Notification

e-Leave supports multilevel approval within same and different level (AND/OR). Automated notification will be first sent to the first level approver and they can approve in application or email. Status will be updated in real time.

attendance report

Automated Calculation & Calendar View

Our system allows user to define leave policy including cut off method and leave entitlement. Company events, employees’ leaves and public holidays are tabulated in the Company calendar for better human resource planning.



Our attendance terminal set is light and portable. You can also access to the web-base application anywhere, anytime. Recorded data of attendance terminal will be synced to BMO Online System whenever there is internet connection.

Steps in Setting up Fingerprint Scanner with BMO Online e-Leave

Step 1

After you have registered your company into our BMO Online e-Leave system, you can then create your employee list. Start off with creating branch, location and groups before creating your employee list. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Close your attendance system
  2. Connect the Fingerprint Scanner
  3. Open Fingerprint software application
registration form

Step 2

Next, sync your data from the Online BMO e-Leave System down to Joi 8i Tablet.

  1. Login to your to BMO e-Leave System
  2. Sync thumbprint and insert password manually
login to system

Step 3

Finally, enroll employees thumbprints using Fingerprint scanner.

  1. Login to HR (Human Resource) in your Joi 8i Tablet
  2. Sync thumbprints to BMO Online e-Leave System

Routine: Every employee’s thumbprint will sync to BMO Online e-Leave System automatically everyday.

*Final Payroll will be determined from employee’s attendance

scan fingerprint