We support Online POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows XPOnline POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows VistaOnline POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows 7Online POS system offline POS terminal OS Windows 8
Malaysia Online Point of Sales System Malaysia Online Point of Sales System Optional Subscription Malaysia Point of Sales System with Real Time Surveillance Camera and Recording Malaysia Point of Sales System with Employee Attendance
With BMO Cloud Access:
  • Centralised control over POS Station
  • Online cloud backup
  • Control members, serial, vouchers online
  • Handle multiple branches
  • Mobile phone or iPad Report Access
  • Free upgrades
Online POS System Malaysia with Cloud Access Centralised control over POS Station Online POS System Malaysia with cloud backup Online cloud backup Online POS System Handle Multiple Branches Handle multiple branches Online POS System with Cloud Access Mobile phone or iPad Report Access Online POS System with Control members, serial, vouchers online Control members, serial, vouchers online Online POS System with Free Upgrades Free upgrades
Without BMO Cloud Access, you can still enjoy the full features for BMO Offline Client:
Online POS System Malaysia Cash Cash Online POS System Malaysia Debt Debt Malaysia POS Terminal Stand Display Multiple Hardware Support Online POS System Malaysia Food and Beverage Food & Beverage Online POS System Malaysia Multiple Stations Multiple Stations Support Online POS System Malaysia Item Options Item Options Online POS System Malaysia Item Set Item Set Online POS System Malaysia Membership Discount Membership Discount Online POS System Malaysia Contact Database Contact Database Online POS System Malaysia Credit Limit Credit Limit Online POS System Malaysia Make Order Ordering
Online POS System Malaysia Shop Layout Shop Layout Online POS System Malaysia Inventory Inventory Online POS System Malaysia Bulk SMS Integration SMS Integration Online POS System Malaysia Petty Cash Petty Cash Online POS System Offline POS Terminal Discounts Discounts Online Pos System Malaysia Tax GST Tax (GST) Online Pos System Malaysia Warranty Date Service, Pickup, Warranty Date Online POS System Malaysia POS Terminal Re-Order Alert Re-order Alert Online POS System Offline POS Terminal Service By Service By Report Online POS System Malaysia Attendance Attendance Online POS System Malaysia Barcode Printer Barcode / Printer
Online POS System Malaysia Weight Machine with Barcode Weight Machine with Barcode Online POS System Malaysia Real Time Surveillance Real Time Surveillance Online POS System Malaysia AppointmentAppointment Online POS System Malaysia PrepaidPrepaid Online POS System Malaysia Points RedemptionPoints Redemption Online POS System Malaysia Auto Email ReportingAuto Email Reporting Online POS System Malaysia Employee CommissionEmployee Commission
So if you need to expand your business and utilise the full power of cloud services, you can always consider in subscribing to our BMO cloud service. Click here to sign up today or contact us to request for a demo.

Multiple branches POS system

You can setup standalone POS system at each branch. With or without Internet, the POS system can run smoothly. Whenever there is internet, the shopkeeper can click the sync button to sync the data online. All the data will be copied online, and as administrator, you just need to login online and view all the reports. You can filter sales from each branches, items and even see the profit report. Also, you can set the POS system to send you email automatically if Internet is available.

The stock quantity will be sync and the admin can review and discover the stock quantity from the web page.

Multiple stations POS system

In a multiple station POS system, both POS system will share same database. So, one PC will be use as server will the other will share the database via LAN (local area network). The setup is almost the same except you need to point the database location to the same folder.

Standalone POS system

Most of the SME (small medium enterprise) will need only one POS system to handle the receipt printing, inventory and even attendance. BMO POS system is very easy to setup and proven to help thousands of SME to easy their daily operations.

The whole standalone POS system is capable of running on PC with P4 (pentium 4) processor and all standard POS devices. You can get the hardware list below.

Cloud assisted POS system

For a lot of business man out there that always on the run, POSmarket.com.my offers a full fledge POS administration system online. Once the shopkeeper click the sync button at anytime, the data is sent to the cloud. Then the business man can login to the cloud POS administration page from their mobile device or PC to view the sales, item quantity, define new price, edit descriptions, edit cost and etc.

All these are at RM 2569 per station, hardware inclusive!

  • Comes with POS hardware, including standard monitor, CPU, receipt printer, cash drawer, laser barcode scanner, keyboard, mouse and etc.
  • No hidden cost, free online demo, free installation at KL, PJ and Penang.
  • We serve customers globally. We did demonstration of the software to customers in Singapore, philiphines, and etc.

Install POS Terminal Quick Guide

Interested in our POS system?

Call our person in charge at +6012-4927082 and we will be glad to assist you. You may also contact us HERE!

POS System Login


POS Camera - Live Demo

You are looking at a live POS System in one of our shop. It is using the live web cam stream from a POS terminal. See how it is setup here .

POS System Hardwares & Devices

NOTE: To select the quantity for the items, please tick the check box. Generated quotation is for your reference only. For official quotation, please contact us.

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Description Device Price (RM) Buy Now Quantity Check Total
Main Device
Monitor 349 Buy Now
Recon CPU (Dell/IBM/HP whichever available) 445 Buy Now
New Custom CPU
(2GB RAM; Power Supply; 500GB SATA Hard Disk; Intel Processor; Windows 7 or 8 whichever available)
1125 Buy Now
Keyboard 15 Buy Now
Mouse 10 Buy Now
Cash Drawer 150 Buy Now
Laser Barcode Scanner Interface: USB 190 Buy Now
Pole Display 290 Buy Now
80mm Thermal Receipt Printer Interface: USB/RS-232/Ethernet (free 10 rolls receipt paper) 480 Buy Now
POS Software 640 Buy Now
Mini All in One POS Station (Without licensed OS) 1699 Buy Now
Mini All in One POS Station (With Windows 8) 1999 Buy Now
Thermal Barcode Printer TSC TDP-245 598 Buy Now
USB Wireless Adapter 40 Buy Now
15 Touch Screen LCD Monitor 699 Buy Now
Mini USB Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (CR1300) 150 Buy Now
Thermal Receipt Printer (58mm) Interface: USB / RS-232 / Ethernet 199 Buy Now
Description Device Price (RM) Buy Now Quantity Check Total
58mm Mini Thermal Printer (Bluetooth) 390 Buy Now
80mm WiFi Thermal Receipt Printer 699 Buy Now
Thermal Barcode Label 35mm X 25mm (per 10 rolls) 260 Buy Now
Thermal Paper Roll Size: 80mm x 70mm x 12mm (per 50 rolls) 140 Buy Now
Thermal Paper Roll Size: 58mm x 70mm x 12mm (per 50 rolls) 75 Buy Now
Cash Drawer USB Trigger 45 Buy Now
Member Card Printer 5800 Buy Now
Member Card 4C Full Color Printing (Front) 3 Buy Now
Member Card 4C Full Color Printing (Front & Back) 4 Buy Now
Wireless Barcode Scanner (Long Range) 650 Buy Now
Omni Directional Barcode Scanner (Wireless) 690 Buy Now
Fingerprint Reader 4500 350 Buy Now
Auto Sense Barcode Scanner USB Interface 280 Buy Now
PC Webcam 40 Buy Now
Small Keyboard 29 Buy Now
Blank Magnetic Card 1.5 Buy Now
Recon HP Compaq 2510p Laptop 600 Buy Now
Grand Total:


Real Time Inventory Update

Set up real-time inventory for your main store or branch locations and provide it with accurate inventory of items that will update in real-time when stock is received or an order is submitted.
Online POS System and Offline POS Terminal

Online & Offline POS System

No more tedious paperworks and excel spreadsheets. A complete POS solution for your business by merging all of your sales transactions with your online inventory.

How does a point of sales of your company ensure inventory counts accurate for your retail shoppers or restaurant diners? BMO Team saw a disconnect between the on-site POS System and inventory of your small business. That's the reason why we came up with a solution by working very closely with a few businesses who saw the Return On Investment (ROI) of this connection. Internet-based Simple Point of Sales System, operating online and offline for maximum flexibility. Contact us for a quote HERE today.

BMO Simple Inventory is readily compatible with all of our other modules such as Simple Client Relationship Management, Simple Membership System, Simple Quotation System and e-Leave. If you are planning to do bulk email marketing, you may subscribe our Alien Mailer Email Marketing module and send emails to your existing customer base.

Auto backup for 30 days in your local system. Your data is automatically backed up to a default folder (C:/pos) on the local hard drive each time your POS Station sync's with your online inventory. Point of Sale maintains 30 of your backup file and day stamps each one. When the next month arrives, the existing first backup file will be replaced with current month's backup files.This automatic feature is created in line of protection of your working data when it becomes corrupted.For these reasons, we strongly recommend making data backup a part of your End of Day routine and make periodic manual backups to removable media, which should be stored off-site.

Why Choose BMO POS System?

      • Easy to use. Register an account HERE for FREE.
      • Quick setup. Just install BMO POS System into your machine and key in your BMO POS System login info.
      • Save cost! You can subscribe to our plans which cost only a fraction of what is offered in the market.
      • Real time inventory updates. Whenever you or your staff updates the inventory, it will be downloaded to your POS System with just a click of a button.
      • Free module updates. Our BMO team will be constantly updating the system, making it more efficient and user friendly.