waiter call pager pos system malaysia

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Professional Wireless Calling System (Pager System) provides restaurants, cafe, food court, clinic and auto shop perfect chance to avoid long waiting lines of customers to eliminate crowding, reduce labor cost and thus to improve efficiency and generate more revenue.

The long signal range of the device will enable guests to walk around or sit down to have a rest, and thus eliminating the noisy announcements and wasted time.

wireless calling pos system malaysia

RM 450


  • Long range signal distance: 100 meters in open area. Practical distance depends.
  • Waterproof Wireless Call Buttons: Can be easily installed on each table,the customer just need to press the button for attention.
  • Wireless Calling System: Including 10pcs table buttons for guest use and 1 signal receiver of display for waiter or waitress.
  • Wireless Paging Service System: Improve service efficiency and save stafff cost in restaurant / teahouse / cafe shop / hospital.
  • Smart Caregiver Pager: Wonderful system in nursing home or hospital to take care of the elderly or patients. Get timely emergency help. Stick the display pager by a screw in living room,kitchen,bedroom or any place where it could easily be touched.

This wireless calling system including:

  • 1pcs receiver panel
  • 10pcs waterproof call buttons