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Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer is immediately served and the process of food and beverage arriving at the table is sped up with this easy to use app.

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Faster Quality Service Time

The quality of service and speed of service is vastly improved, allowing for better ratings and feedback towards the establishment.

xpress waiter reduced error pos system

Reduced Error in Communication

Coming from the customer itself, the orders are bound to be precise and less lost in translation. Works perfectly with all in one POS system.

Xpress Waiter Customer Ordering App is a food ordering mobile app designed to speed up your restaurant operations. The app is installed on tablets assigned or fixed to each table.

It is easy to use and can be customized based on each restaurant’s needs and its clientele. It holds the full variety of menu for each eatery. Customers can immediately start ordering the moment they are seated.

This reduces service time and increases customer satisfaction. The orders can be accompanied by specific requests from each table or customer.

Since the requests or instructions come directly from the customer, via the app, there is a reduced amount of error in communication.

The Xpress Waiter Customer Ordering App is available for our existing customers. Contact us to BUY NOW!

Download Android App

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Scan QR Code and Download!

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Requires Android : 2.3 and above

Food & Beverage Order Station

Xpress Waiter supports multiple categories of items

  • Make New Orders
    Xpress Waiter for POS System platform offers a real-time menu display on your mobile phone which connects directly to the restaurant’s POS client and kitchen. Your customers will be able to complete their orders without involving restaurant waiters.
  • Append Orders
    Xpress Waiter can handle constant food item add-ons by customers anytime. All will be received by your restaurant POS system and kitchen. This will reduce the waiting time tremendously.
  • Print to Server
    The moment your customers press “Order”, the item receipt will be printed in the kitchen without going through your service crews.
  • Item Lists
    All items are sync in real-time from the restaurant POS system database. Only 4 steps are involved. Choose your item category. Then search for your desired item. Select that item and place an order. That’s all!
  • Supports Chinese Language
    POS Market POS System and Xpress Waiter Mobile Ordering are compatible with the Chinese language. Your customers will be able to view the menu in Chinese and make orders.

Self Ordering Xpress Menu Software Steps

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mobile ordering android app table layout pos system

Step 1

  • Download/update to the latest version app.
  • Insert your IP in setup & choose a layout for the table number.

xpress menu login pos system

Step 2

Log in “Xpress Menu”.

set item category pos system

quantity item pos system

option item pos system

item added pos system

Step 3

Item category will be shown > Select item > Select Quantity > Select Option (if any) > Item Added

order list pos system

Step 4

Customers can go to their order list to amend order & send the order.

mobile ordering android app confirmation

Step 5

  • After order, the status bar will be updated. Customers can add on order, they just need to repeat the previous setup.
  • The status bar will indicate the item that has been sent to the kitchen.

mobile ordering android app fix screen

mobile ordering android app unfix screen pos system

Step 6

Few function has been updated to smoothen Xpress Menu:

  • Item options now can set a limit. Exp: 1 item has 5 options but only allowed to choose 2.
  • Passwords can be set in Xpress waiter app > set up to prevent customers log out themselves.
  • Please pin Xpress Waiter App so customer unable to use recent apps function – go to setting > security > screen pinning > scroll to the bottom of overview and find a pin.
  • To unpin, press back & overview at the same time.
  • The image for SET can be set in the corresponding item.
  • Other item images just set as normal.