POSMarket introduces Receiptless POS System enables customer to scan the QR Code generated on POS Market Customer Display and download digital PDF Receipt in their mobile device.

It is optional retail customers to insert their mobile number prior downloading the receipt. Allowing you to store customer’s contact number for future store promotions.

The digital receipt displays complete details of store name, time stamp, list of items your customer bought or paid. Your customers will be able to store the receipt for a very long time or share the digital receipt to their family, friends or attach the receipt to electronic expense management app. Digital receipt occupies less space in wallet too.

Retailers will be able to save paper and cost while using POS Market Receiptless module.

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Functions of Receiptless POS

use as second monitor/customer display



Customers are able to store and manage receipts digitally. Retailers do not need to print receipt and customer just need to download as PDF by scanning a QR Code with their phone. No more lost receipts or coupons – store them on your smart phone for immediate use.

The digital copy of the receipt can be saved in any device for a very long time, it will be easier for customer to shared the receipt with their family and friends attach the receipt to electronic expense management app.

Can collect user phone number for future discount.


Receiptless POS Setup