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Your customer fills in their details through the phone by scanning the QR code. All data is kept for two months only.


Perfect Features

Only necessary tools for efficient business operation

Visitor Log

Your customer comes to your store, scan the QR code (printed), then key in their particulars.


Log Report

You view or print the report online, by scanning a QR code as well. Like a breeze!


Unlimited Customers

No limit entries, no limit customers. We are here to help. Please contact us for detail if you need extra info.

Inclusive Setup


Data Retain 2 Months

QR Visitor Log

A quick way of filling out the form. Scan QR Code and see the form, it’s that easy! Business owners can scan the QR Code for immediate access to the relevant report.

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BMO QR Visitor Log Setup Demo

qr visitor log sellers report visitor digital name list
qr visitor log sellers report visitor digital name list
qr visitor log sellers report visitor digital name list

What is BMO Visitor Log?

BMO QR Code scanning solution to help all the entrepreneurs and citizens in preparation and keeping track of the records to meet the SOP recommended by KKM and MITI.

qr visitor log sellers business owners feature
qr visitor log flow chart

Simple Usage Steps

  1. Register your business QR code by clicking HERE.
  2. Print your business QR code & place it at your premise entrance.
  3. Walk-ins scan the QR code by using their mobile devices and fill in the info and insert their body temperature.

BMO Visitor Log info includes:

  • Visitor's Name
  • Visitor's IC
  • Visitor's Contact
  • Visitor's Address
  • Visitor's Email
  • Visitor's Gender
  • Visitor's Body Temperature
  • Location Visited
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit
qr visitor log sellers report visitor digital name list
visitorlog1 Easy Free

Customer QR Scan

By scanning a printed QR Code, the customer will fill up the particulars for tracking purposes. This is done at the customer phone, thus reducing contact and smoothen the process.


You can access the visitor log anytime. You may filter and print it out for filing purposes. The records can help you trace your consumers and fulfill the needs to keep their records.

smartphone-3 DATA SECURE


We have helped thousands of customers in Malaysia with their POS system, HRM system, and many applications. Our cloud is robust and powerful. Please feel free to contact us.