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Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner

//Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner

Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner



  • 300-500 wireless transmission
  • USB data receiver
  • Fast and accurate
  • Stores barcode scanner

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  • Effective communication distance is 300-500m.
  • The scanner will emit three short beeps when out of effective communication distance.
  • 250k wireless transmission rate, high speed to microsecond delay transmission.
  • Unique frequency hopping technology enables superior anti-jamming ability.
  • Self-definable ID identifies the data origin.
  • Auto data detection ensures transmission accuracy.
  • Easy inventory model, easy to operate by the USB data receiver.
  • Battery low voltage protection; the scanner emits a long beep when started under battery voltage lower than 3.5V.\


  • Warranty Period : 3 Months
  • ** All power cord and adapter comes with 1 Month warranty from installation date.
  • ** Warranty does not cover wear and tear, damages arisen from misuse or use not in accordance with product instructions.


Type: Barcode Scanner, Stores bar code scanner
Scan Element Type: Laser
Color Depth: 32Bit
Interface Type: USB, COM, PS/2
Max Paper Size: Stores barcode scanner
Optical Resolution: 4 mil
Scan Speed: 120 times/s
Depth of scan speed: 10-800mm
Power: DV 5V/120mA
Scan Model: Single line
Decode Error Rate: Less than 1/5 million
Light Intensity: Daylight, 5000 Lux, Max
Size: 170 X 75 X 106mm
Weight: 1kg
Application Store: Supermarket, store, and some commercial POS system; Logistics, warehousing, libraries, banks, transportation, and postal service.
Quality Assurance: CE/ FCC/ IEC/ IP54/ ISO9001-2008/ ISO9000-2008/ ROHS/ SGS