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3 Pin Power Cord Cable with Fuse

//3 Pin Power Cord Cable with Fuse

3 Pin Power Cord Cable with Fuse


High quality power cord that made of 100% copper is now available on E-market. This power cord cable is wrapped by eco-friendly PVC material and matches most of the laptop adaptor requiring 250 voltages. It functions to attach the main cord to the power supply. This power cord is tested functional and durable as its nylon plug and socket help to conduct a high performance. It is safe to use and guaranteed by RoHS.

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  • Cable shielding material: PVC
  • Cable insulation material: PVC
  • No. of conductors : 3
  • Conductor construction: 3X0.75mm2
  • Cable outer diameter : 6.4mm / 7.2mm
  • Amperage: 2.5 Amps
  • Voltage: 250V~
  • Color: Black


  • No Warranty