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e-LeaveHRM Outsource Service

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e-LeaveHRM Outsource Service


Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Improve accuracy of data
    By outsourcing HR operations to HR specialist, the specialized knowledge and expertise from the our company can help your company to improve and maintain the accuracy of HR data.
  • Reduce staffing cost
    Company can reduce cost in hiring HR skills employees to fill the various tasks in HR department. Outsourcing your HR functions to us will be much more cheaper in long term view.
  • Avoid high overhead cost
    HR outsourcing enable you to avoid expenses on adding more equipment, office renovation and more headcount to facilitate your HR operations. Your company only need to focus in spending on business strategy that can increase company profit.
  • Focus on company core competency and grow your business
    Company can focus on business strategy by outsourcing HR. This enable the company to achieve company goal without consume resources such as human resource and financial resource at back office operation.
  • Improve HR compliance
    Employment and labor laws will change regularly and it may difficult for employers to keep up to date to the law changes. HR outsourcing helps your company to avoids the pitfalls and minimize risk for legal action.


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HRM Outsource Service

Our HR and payroll outsourcing services are developed to help the companies reduce their concerns in HR related matters so that the employer can fully focus on developing their company core competencies. By outsourcing to us, we can help you manage your day-to-day HR related processes with our online HRM systems. Our online HRM systems are definitely able to support small and medium-sized companies in improving their productivity and profitability.

Monthly Payroll outsourcing includes:

  • Integrate claims to the employee attendance list
  • Payroll processing
  • Generation of pay slip
  • Monthly payroll report
  • Database backups
  • Generation of audit report

Other non-monthly payroll processing activities:

  • EA form
  • Bonus PAyout
  • Additional Report
  • Hardcopy Payslip/ EA form

HR outsourcing service is suitable for the companies looking to outsource their HR processing functions in order for them to cut down corporate cost and focus on their core business strategy. To learn more about how we can help you in your business, contact us directly.