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PVC Blank Magnetic Stripe Card

//PVC Blank Magnetic Stripe Card

PVC Blank Magnetic Stripe Card


Buy 100 or more – RM3.00
Why do I need a blank magnetic card? It can be used as identity card or credit card, make it easy to identify a membership, access control, cash and point storing. It has delicate outlook and smooth surface, made of high quality PVC material and white in colour. To avoid scratch the surface of magnetic card, it has a protective film layer on both sides of the card. Data can be saved in the magnetic card for about ten years. Suitable for shop, bank, parking, school, library, access control and so on.

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    • Protocol : 125KHz EM4100 Compatible
    • EEPROM Size : 40 bit


  • Thinkness : 0.8mm
  • Temperature : -20° – +50°
  • Dimension : 85.6 × 54 × 0.86 (mm)
  • Bulk purchase discount: 100 pcs or more RM3.00/pcs


  • No Warranty

Magnetic Card Questions

Q: How to use it or configure it?
A: You need to have a Swipe Magnetic Card Reader/Writer to configure your card’s parameter.

Q: What is this card for?
A: It’s usually used as a membership card.

Q: Does this card ready to use on POS System?
A: Yes, it can be use on POS System.