What’s new in BizCloud offline POS client version 300164?

  1. New
  • add: BC, DIA, and lens type of optometry added into receipt designer
  • add: key binds for price and discount in item list added
  • add: key binds for item search field and attendance clock added
  • add: prepaid reset can now reset on the chosen day of the month
  • add: bulk reset prepaid credit added
  • add: custom receipt printing added in optometry job sheet
  • add: new VA field added for optometry job sheet
  • add: optometry job sheet print layout can now be customized in the report designer
  • add: contact remark and dob added into receipt design dataset
  • add: item type added into stock count
  • add: background full sync frequency can not be modified
    add: new report for payment history added info report designer
  1. Bug Fix
  • bugfix: improved the query speed of PO list when an invoice and DO is included in the list
  • bugfix: fixed incorrect payment history data when reloading from online
  • bugfix: fixed an error after authenticating discount
  • bugfix: the date on pos main screen updated with a cleaner format
  • bugfix: fixed a pop-up message after selecting an item with multiple prices through scan
  • bugfix: fixed a bug that causes set items to always print as cancelled items when appending orders
  • bugfix: fixed an error in payment type that occurs when a payment type is hidden
  • bugfix: fixed display problem with items that are set to use average cost
  • bugfix: fixed problem saving the average cost of items when doing adjustments
  • bugfix: fixed problem updating service charge label
  • bugfix: fixed a problem that causes the system to select deleted contact with the same name
  • bugfix: fixed an error when an invalid passport/ic number is inserted into the contact
  1. Feature Update
  • N/A