What’s new in BizCloud offline POS client version 300134?

  1. New
  • add: added another textbox for barcode scanner
  • add: shortcut for payment method is no longer limited to 2
  • add: grand total added to the end of opening/closing balance report
  • add: item transaction added to report designer
  • add:receive date can now be adjusted in adjustment list
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: missing setting to hide option added in setting page
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that prevents queue number in receipt fromadvancing to next number when force daily start is enabled
  • bug fix: fixed problem selecting item with 100% discount
  • bug fix: fixed auto cash that stopped functioning when making payment with rfid
  • bug fix: fixed an error when making new order with queue manager enabled
  • bug fix: fixed an error when proceeding with exact payment after a message prompt
  • bug fix: cost for receive/adjust report corrected to item cost instead of sell price
  • bug fix: fixed a bug that causes second screen item price not in sync with main screen when item option is involved
  • bug fix: empty description in queue manager fixed