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POS System Version 300114 Change Log [Jan 31, 2019]

//POS System Version 300114 Change Log [Jan 31, 2019]

POS System Version 300114 Change Log [Jan 31, 2019]

What’s new in BizCloud offline POS client version 300114?

  1. New
  • add: contacts can now record branch it was created in if owner choose to
  • add: contacts can now be locked to show only ones that belong to the branch
  • add: GST/SST/VAT can now be imported using contact import form
  • add: added new report for item by category and opened by
  • add: added pet job sheet
  • add: Exact/All/Accept buttons on prepaid payment can now be hidden
  • add: discount value in receipt list can now be manually populated for filtering
  • add: balance as well as the ability to populate its value for filtering has been added
  • add: added FTP upload for West Coast Plaza
  • add: added support for 7 segment LED display
  • add: added permission to disable column chooser items
  • add: added permission to disable delete contact
  • add: added permission to disable view contact in detail
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: fixed key binding for tendered button at item page
  • bug fix: fixed an error when displaying queue number
  • bug fix: fixed and error when saving alert
  • bug fix: fixed an error when runner runs with empty D1 machine
  • bug fix: fixed an error when loading old pet after upgrading to newer version
  • bug fix: fixed problem loading and editing categories in depth of level 3 or more
  • bug fix: fixed a bug in report designer that displays table ID instead of assigned name
  • bug fix: fixed an error in runner caused by empty table layout
  • bug fix: fixed problem continuing work after auto sync
  • bug fix: fixed an error when generating 80mm item sales report to be sent in email
  • bug fix: fixed monthly prepaid summary report that generates empty pages before actual report
  • bug fix: tab shown fixed to item instead of pet for pet shop when reopening receipts
  • bug fix: fixed some display bug when launching barcode printer
  • bug fix: fixed problem printing appended item only when ordering from XpressWaiter
  • bug fix: fixed problem enabling offline mode
  • bug fix: fixed display problem when testing barcode set

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