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POS System Version 300108 Change Log [August 28, 2018]

//POS System Version 300108 Change Log [August 28, 2018]

POS System Version 300108 Change Log [August 28, 2018]

What’s new in BizCloud offline POS client version 300108?

  1. New
  • add: remark and bank can now be inserted when choosing online payment payment method
  • add: on screen keyboard added for payment page
  • add: keys of on screen keyboard when making prepaid and redemption payment can be customized
  • add: uncollected amount added to z-report
  • add: vendor can now be selected when making quick recieve
  • add: items in quick receive can now manually be cleared
  • add: receive form can now be kept open after receiving and item
  • add: bulk prepaid edit can now be edited inside the form itself instead of relying only on csv import
  • add: receipt table can now be shown together when searching for matching receipts
  1. Bug Fix
  • bug fix: net price will now be updated when updating price
  • bug fix: petty cash will no longer skip some payments due to different computer time in CS version
  • bug fix: fixed long delay when loading data to be posted to sql accounting
  • bug fix; fixed extremely slow progression when exporting data to be imported into sql accounting
  • bug fix: fixed reversed permission setting of customer payment history button when searching customer
  • bug fix: fixed problem clearing payment history of last payment when opening tendered window
  • bug fix: fixed long delay when searching for vehicle in vehicle list
  • bug fix: fixed reminder display when mousing over an appointment
  • bug fix: fixed missing service, option, serial and goods exchange info when display receipt details in receipt list
  • bug fix: fixed customer payment history that keeps popping up when the option is enabled
  1. Update
  • update: when keys with dollar sign of on screen keyboard is pressed, the value will be added mathematically instead of being concatenated
  • update: member info moved from inside the tab to top menu

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