Set SST to 6%

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has announced that goods will be set to 6% SST effective 1st September 2018. The ministry also added that this will implemented nationwide until a further announcement is made. Thus, our POS System is now ready for you to change your items’ prices. Just follow the simple steps below to set SST to 6%.

gst pos market

Step 1

  • Go to “System”
  • Select on the “POS Setting”

sst pos system

Step 2

  • Select “TAX / VAT / SST” Tab
  • “Tax Amount” is the value or amount to be charged. Change the “Tax Amount” to 6
  • Click on the “Save” button to save the setting

sst pos system

Step 3

  • Press “OK” button

gst pos system

Step 4

  • Go to “Inventory”
  • Select on the “Inventory List”

gst pos system

Step 5

  • Go to “Item Setup”
  • Then, select on the “Tax”

sst pos system

Step 6

  • Tick on the “Tax Value”. Insert Tax Value = 6
  • Click on the “All” radio button
  • Click “Select All” button. Make sure all items are highlighted on blue color
  • Press “Update” button

gst pos system

Step 7

  • Press “Yes” button

gst pos system

Step 8

  • System will auto backup and update

sst pos system

Step 9

  • All “Tax Value” will become 6