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Pos System with Barcode

/Pos System with Barcode
Pos System with Barcode 2019-05-09T07:32:24+00:00

You can print product price tag with barcode, item description and price directly from BMO Point of Sales system. Our POS system is capable to connect with thermal barcode printer and perform single/bulk printing. It will help to reduce customer checkout time by scanning (instead of manually entering product code) and thus increase work efficiency. It is suitable for Retail store, Warehouse Sales, Bookstore, Optical Store and so on.

Thermal Barcode Printer

Model: BPT-350B/ RT-P80101B

Thermal Barcode Printer Details

Purchase Thermal Barcode Printer

Model: BPT-350B/ RT-P80101B
Price: RM395

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SLF Direct Thermal Label Samples

50mm x 25mm Label
Barcode Direct Thermal Label

35mm x 25mm Label
Barcode Direct Thermal Label

10mm x 35mm Label
Barcode Direct Thermal Label

A4 Size Barcode 5 Digits
A4 size Barcode 5 Digits

A4 Size Barcode 12 Digits
A4 size Barcode 12 Digits

For version 2502xx onwards, please set the setting below:

For printing in barcode label 35mm x 25mm:

Page Margin
Top: 5
Left: 0
Right: 35
Maintain other Default settings.
Barcode Margin
Right: 10
Left: 10

For printing on A4 paper:

Page Margin
Top: 0
Left: 0
Right: 0
Barcode Margin
Height: 80
Font: 24

Column: you may set to print repeatedly in no. of columns (max:5)
Row: you may set to print repeatedly in no. of rows
Maintain other Default settings.

Instructions on Creating Barcodes

Barcode Printer Setup

1. After installing the Barcode Printer Driver, click on the “Setting” button and select a specific printer to setup the barcode printer.

Barcode Printer Setup

2. The Barcode Generator feature is available in our Point of sales System. The user can insert the prefix, “number from”, and “number to” to generate the barcode by pressing the ‘Generate’ button.

Barcode Printer Setup

3. For example, Prefix: AAA, From: 1, To: 9. After pressing the “Generate” button, the result will be shown as above.

Barcode Printer Setup

4. If additional information such as price and item name are required, specific fields can be filled manually as shown above. Additional information can also be added under ‘Extra Text 1′ and Extra Text 2’.