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Client Server POS System

/Client Server POS System
Client Server POS System 2019-03-19T04:47:33+00:00

For corporate that need P.O.S real-time update to headquarter, BMO POS client server version is capable of supporting client server network structure.

The setup of POS client server edition will be as follow:

  • One server running Microsoft SQL desktop version or server edition depends on the customers need.
  • Multiple POS system that is running anywhere and connect to the server via Internet connection.
  • A headquarter administration application to view and admin all the branches transactions.
  • Database is viewable.
  • User can design their own report using provided reporting system

Basically there is no limitation for the number of POS stations that can connect to the server.

There is a headquarter application for headquarter to view transactions from multiple branches. All of the application are running on windows platform.

All our module and system work perfectly with client server structure.


icon 01Real Time Update
All information such as receipts, transactions, petty cash, invoices are post to server real time. Administrator application shall be able to view all the transactions real time. The speed of posting to server is depending on the client’s internet speed.

icon 02Many POS Terminal
You can connect as many POS terminal to the server as you like. Ideal for multiple POS terminals in supermarket and multiple branches.

icon 03User Design Reports
You can use the report designer to design any report. However, you should have sufficient IT knowledge to build appropriate report

Suitable for:

icon 04Supermarket with multiple POS Terminals.

icon 05Food and Beverages with multiple POS Terminals. Click here for example.

icon 06Retail Store with multiple POS Terminals.

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